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What is the Student Natural Law Party Club?

The Student Natural Law Party Club is the youth branch of the Natural Law Party, America's fastest growing political party, which is dedicated to solving our nation's problems through aligning the people with natural law. The Natural Law Party offers conflict-free politics and prevention-oriented government on the basis of proven solutions to the nation's problems -- scientifically verified, cost-effective, field-tested solutions based on the intelligence of nature. In particular, the Party emphasizes development of the intelligence, or consciousness, of all American citizens, thereby reducing stress and lack of fulfillment in society. These programs are well-founded scientifically and impressively innovative.

But why the "Natural Law" Party?

Natural law is the sum total of orderly principles -- the laws of nature -- that govern the functioning of nature everywhere, from the billions of microscopic functions taking place in your body, and earth's complex ecosystems, to the whole of galactic life. Natural law is inherently "life-supporting": it supports the life and evolution of innumerable species, including our own. Extensive scientific research and decades of experience in the public and private sectors show that technologies based on natural law -- nature's intelligence -- can bring the balancing, nourishing influence of natural law into every area of individual and social concern, thereby reducing problems and improving the quality of life in a measurable, verifiable way

Dealing with the problem on the level of the problem has proven fruitless.

Youth everywhere have an ocean of information and history to prove problems can't be solved on their own level; attempts to do so are like watering the leaf of a plant instead of the root. Even with the best of intentions, governments have not succeeded in solving the world problems because the root of those problems is more fundamental: the violation of natural law by the whole population. "Violation of natural law" is action that fails to take natural advantage of the laws of nature, or that stimulates them in ways that cause negative repercussions. Violation of natural law causes stress, which leads to an out-of-balance biochemistry that has been linked with anxiety, fear, anger, impulsive violent behavior, and substance abuse. Moreover, the combined stress of all the individuals in society builds up and creates a dangerous, criminal atmosphere in the community. America is in the grip of an epidemic of stress, caused by everyone in society violating natural law.

To improve the world, improve the nation; to improve the nation, improve the community; to improve the community, improve the individual.

The problems of world peace can only be solved from this most basic level. When the people are in tune with natural law, the community no longer violates the laws of nature; then the country gains the support of natural law, and the world rises to a life free from suffering.

We are out to make our government worthy of its name...

by aligning it with natural law. Natural law is the ultimate field of infinite possibilities that youth reaches for so intently today. Contact with natural law gives access to the power of nature and promotes spontaneous right action so that people and nations do not create the ground for suffering.

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