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Rights of Minorities
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THE RIGHTS OF ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, and the Natural Law Party would support any legislation deemed necessary to uphold these constitutional rights for women and for minorities. At the same time, the Natural Law Party recognizes the difficulties in “legislating” equality: equal rights legislation has not succeeded in eliminating discrimination.

Government cannot be present at all times and in all places to ensure that people treat each other fairly. Instead, the Natural Law Party intends to reduce prejudice and bigotry in society through more effective educational programs that develop broad comprehension, increased intelligence, and improved moral reasoning, and by reducing social stress that leads to fear and divisiveness. These programs will help create a unifying influence among our citizens and throughout society.

Natural law is that basic element in the universe that constantly nourishes the life of every individual and every living species. The Natural Law Party is the only political party that is based on this universally nourishing quality of natural law. Until now, democracy has been willing to compromise the interests of the minority for the sake of the majority. This is because democracy has so far been based on limited principles of man-made law, which are not sufficiently comprehensive to be simultaneously nourishing to everyone. When such principles compromise the interests of the minority, inevitably some segments of our population remain unfulfilled. The result is an increase in stress and frustration, which inevitably erupts as crime, sickness, and other problems throughout society.

By basing its administration on the most universal principles of natural law, the Natural Law Party’s comprehensive, prevention-oriented solutions to America’s problems are capable of providing universal nourishment, protection, and fulfillment to all citizens of the nation, including all the diverse groups that compose the richness and plurality of our great society.

We believe that increased participation in government by women and by minorities will bring greater strength and balance to the administration. In this context, we note that approximately a third of the candidates running for office with the Natural Law Party are women or minority candidates.

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