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Dateline 01/25/2002

Hagelin Looks Ahead To 2004

In a conference call to Washington, DC this morning, Dr. John Hagelin stressed the “crucial need for a strong, independent political movement,” and pledged his commitment to build it.

“There has never been a more urgent need for innovative solutions—or a more urgent need to restore integrity to government,” Hagelin said. “And receptivity to new approaches from outside the two-party system has never been greater.”

Hagelin said the September 11 terrorist attacks had tragically confirmed the inability of conventional defense strategies to protect the American people. He cited the recent strong bipartisan support in Washington for his Proposal to Prevent Terrorism as a sign of a new openness among government leaders.

“Republicans and Democrats alike have been incorporating the language and vision of the Natural Law Party into their legislative proposals and policy statements,” he said. He praised in particular U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who has proposed a bill to create a U.S. Department of Peace and two other bills that mandate the labeling and safety testing of genetically engineered foods.

“We must keep up this momentum of success, which has been quietly transforming our nation for the better,” he said.

But Hagelin castigated Washington politicians for knuckling under to special interests and allowing corporate funding to dictate the direction of national policy.

“What the Republican and Democratic parties have gotten away with while our national attention has been diverted by 9-11 is unprecedented—utterly astounding,” he said. “Yet despite an overwhelming mandate from the American people to overhaul the system—to clean up the corruption—year after year, meaningful campaign finance reform banning PACs and soft money is cynically sabotaged by Congress.”

Hagelin praised U.S. Senator Zell Miller for his recent “candor in lambasting both major parties for ‘money politics, partisanship and bribery.’”

As reported in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Sen. Miller had commented, “Soft money—big money—from special interests to both parties controls things in a way that is nothing short of bribery. One of these days someone . . . is going to get through to the American people just how really messed up it has become. And when that happens, the American people are going to rise up like that football crowd in Cleveland and run both teams off the field.”

Hagelin said the only solution to the corruption in Washington is the powerful resurgence of the independent political movement.

“I've dedicated the last ten years to building an independent political movement, bringing commonsense solutions, and giving a voice to the people. Millions of other Americans—Greens, Natural Law Party supporters, Reformers, Libertarians, Independents—have shown their commitment to independent politics with their activism and their votes,” Hagelin said.

“But if we don't achieve something massive by 2004—if we don’t take charge of our nation—I believe our democracy will have been stolen irreversibly. Then I will fear for the future of the world

“I, for one, intend to be a part of this new politics—this independent political movement—as a coalition builder, as a candidate, or in whatever role I am called upon to play. And I will do whatever it takes.

“Our time is coming. I urge you, all of you, to get ready.”

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