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Genetic Engineering
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December 2000

Message from Party Chairs


We are at a critical juncture in America's political history. The crippling influence of the two-party stranglehold on our democracy has never been more obvious. The two-party struggle for power has taken precedence over the good of the nation. And therefore, the message of our Natural Law­Independent coalition has never been more timely. (See email responses.)

It's clear that we cannot wait three years to begin again. We must act now. We must continue to grow. And although our support base has more than doubled during the campaign season--a huge accomplishment--we are still relatively few in number. So it is up to each of us to continue to help build the enormous momentum that all our candidates and campaign organizers have created in the past months.

We must maintain a high national profile now and in the months and years ahead. We must prepare the country so that our Natural Law­Independent coalition candidates can fulfill their goal of bringing new knowledge and new solutions to America in 2002 and 2004. To accomplish this, we must:

  1. Double our national donor base each year, thus providing the financial resources to ensure ballot access in every state, platform development, printed materials, national coordination and communication, and national media coverage.

  2. Double our email list every six months so we can reach millions of people with our timely message of solutions.

  3. Build state parties with leaders who will create self-sufficient state organizations complete with state party officers, media coordinators, fundraisers, and spokespersons.

  4. Bring to the forefront in every locality the key issues of the NLP platform, including the hazards of genetically engineered foods, the cost-effectiveness of preventive medicine, and the urgent need for renewable energy. This can be done through letters to the editor, press conferences, and symposia held in coordination with the national office.

So that we can quickly realize these goals for our country, we hope you will continue to support the Natural Law Party at this critical time. Please visit our website ( today to make your contribution, or call 800-332-0000.

Thank you for everything!

Kingsley & Leslie Brooks, Party Co-Chairs

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