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December 2000

We've Got Mail

The NLP's message was heard and appreciated by more Americans than ever before. The following is just a small fraction of the thousands of email messages we have received during Campaign 2000.

  • Bravo! I am very pleased that candidates like Hagelin are hanging in there and sending the all-important message to the Congress and the White House that the American people are very tired of the status quo. I appreciate all your efforts on behalf of this country!--A.H.

  • John Hagelin is a genius. We need a scientist in office to make sense of the idiocy and disarray of the current political system. Maybe not this year, but perhaps 2004 or 2008. I don't care when or for what you run, sir, I'll vote for you. --J.S.

  • Thank you! It is about time that this country saw a candidate concerned about real issues. When I first looked at the Natural Law Party's web site I couldn't believe my eyes. A party that felt the way I did! It is my sincere hope that John Hagelin is elected president. You have my vote! Have just finished reading A Reason to Vote on Neale Donald Walsch's recommendation. A great book and a breath of fresh air. I find that Natural Law platform is the only one I have encountered with which I resonate at a gut level. I plan to support it at every opportunity. Just when I thought our generation had to wait their turn to get the message out about the state of our nation, I blindly stumbled upon your web page and hope that I'm not the only one. Your views are ahead of time, but many are ready for just this sort of harmony. I did feel like I'd be wasting my vote on the least of all evils. Now I'll be giving it to you. Much luck.--M.W.

  • John Hagelin is, simply put, the most amazing presidential candidate.--M.J.

  • I am a twelve year old who is very interested in the ideas of the Natural Law Party. I think that Mr. Hagelin's ideas are better than the other candidates and I agree with him on most topics. Good luck.--A.F.

  • I was astounded by what I witnessed, as well as heard, at the Spirituality and Politics seminar in Philadelphia. I have never heard of a candidate that I was actually agreeing with and excited about. I want to mobilize West Philadelphia to the concerns and causes of third parties. I wish to aid in informing anyone I can of the Natural Law Party. Thank you so much and you have my vote.--R.S.

  • I have been looking at third parties for some time now. The NLP seems to be the best suited to my beliefs and principles. After being a very active member of the Democratic Party for several years in all levels, I am now ready to become involved in a party that better represents my beliefs and values. The NLP is just that!--R.B.

  • I am a registered Republican and have voted that party in all Presidential elections since 1972, but my vote today for Dr. Hagelin and Mr. Goldhaber was the easiest vote I ever cast. My husband, a registered Democrat, felt that way, too! Surely this election, though not the first run for Dr. Hagelin, is the most momentous yet. My husband and I would like to do everything we can to help him win in 2004. We ordered the primary ballots off the Internet and voted for him in the Reform Party. We have been following all his and Mr. Goldhaber's press conferences, convention coverage, etc., and were only more and more impressed every time we heard them speak. We will not be deterred by the results of this election and pray that Dr. Hagelin will carry on. Please let us know what we can do to help in 04!--C.H.

  • I just wanted to let you know that your website has made a big difference in how I am going to vote. Finally, a platform I really believe in! I didn't think a politician could say "morals" and "compassion" in the same breath, but happily, I was wrong. Thank you for a well-composed site and a responsible and caring political option. I will definitely tell my friends about what I have learned here.--E.M.

  • I'm only 14, too young to vote in this election. I'm actually interested in the safety of our food supply and the continuing use of GMOs, pesticides, and food additives that haven't been properly tested--that's what first got me interested in your party. Reading your Platform Summary, I found myself agreeing with, well, everything! The sad thing is, I bet many Americans feel like I do--they know there's a better choice, but are afraid if they break ranks with the 2 party system, the other guy will win. I guess all I wanted to say was good luck... in 4 years I'd love to support you and help out any way I can. Thanks for fighting for us.--C. I.
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