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March 2000

John Hagelin Seeks Reform Party Presidential Nomination:
Scores Landslide Victories in Illinois and Iowa-Minnesota Straw Polls

Stunning victories in the Illinois and Iowa-Minnesota Reform Party straw poll votes have solidified Dr. John Hagelin’s bid to form the largest third party challenge ever for the Presidency of the United States. On February 12, in Illinois, Dr. Hagelin garnered 70 percent of the vote compared to less than 1 percent for Pat Buchanan, his main rival for the Reform Party nomination. In Iowa, the margin of victory was 63 percent to 11 percent in Dr. Hagelin’s favor.

“Buchanan is taking the Reform Party, founded by Ross Perot, so far right that even the 20 million Perot supporters of 1996 are distraught over whom to vote for. I’m there to tell them there is a Reform candidate who represents solid policies on the issues,” says Dr. Hagelin.

In a letter to the leaders of the Reform Party, Dr. Hagelin said, “Millions of Americans deeply believe it is time to forge a powerful third party coalition. Like me, they believe that this once-in-a-lifetime millennial election is so crucial to the survival and progress of our democracy that we cannot afford to lose it.”

So far he has also addressed all-candidate Reform Party conventions in Virginia, Oregon, and Florida, where reaction to his candidacy has been favorable among Reform Party supporters.

“Of course, I must remain neutral,” says Virginia Reform Party state chair Sue Harris DeBauche. “But I must say that I am very pleased with Dr. Hagelin’s entry into the race, and personally I am very impressed with the content of what he has to say.”

Dr. Hagelin’s success in Iowa has intensified efforts to organize support in all the remaining Reform Party state conventions and caucuses. (See Calendar of Events on back page.)

In order to form the strongest third party coalition possible, Dr. Hagelin will also seek the presidential nomination of the Green Party.

Dr. Hagelin is reassuring NLP supporters that his bid for the Reform and Green Party candidacies in no way compromises the high political ideals of the Natural Law Party.

“I am not altering my positions on the issues,” says Dr. Hagelin. “I am simply giving supporters of other parties a reason to vote.”

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