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March 2000

John Hagelin Interview

Dr. Hagelin’s Reform Party presidential bid has won praise from many political leaders from both within and outside the party. It has also raised numerous questions from his many NLP supporters. In the following interview, John Hagelin answers the most common concerns.

Why are you seeking the presidential nomination of the Reform Party?

John Hagelin: Because “United We Stand.” In this historic millennial campaign, we have an opportunity to forge the most powerful coalition of third parties in U.S. history—a coalition that can truly challenge the Republicans and Democrats, and shake our two-party duopoly at its foundation! Right now, in the opinion of millions, Pat Buchanan is jeopardizing the Reform Party’s future—its goal of being a mainstream alternative to the Republicans and Democrats. His social stances are far to the right of even the Republican Party, and he has little chance of winning the support of America’s 115 million eligible voters who did not vote in 1998. His nomination would effectively spell the end of the Reform Party—and this would be an unfortunate loss for our democracy.

The NLP has attracted many supporters because of the high political ideals it represents. But these same supporters may not perceive the same ideal in the Reform Party, and therefore they may be concerned about your Reform bid. What do you say to them?

John Hagelin: We shouldn’t shut out the 20 million people who voted for Ross Perot in 1992. These are precious activists who recognize the failure of our current two-party system and who are trying hard to build a more open and representative democracy. The Reform Party ideals are really a subset of the more comprehensive Natural Law Party platform. We should give the Reform Party members even more of a “reason to vote” by expanding their pro-democracy platform to include the latest, most effective solutions in health care, education, crime prevention, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and the environment.

Is there much common ground between you and the other Reform candidates?

John Hagelin: The other Reform Party candidates are focusing on traditional Reform Party issues, like democratic reform (including campaign finance reform), trade, the national debt and fiscal responsibility, and governmental integrity and accountability. I have been a dynamic advocate of these ideas, but my approach is more foundational—focusing on harnessing America’s full creativity by developing the full potential of the individual, and government in harmony with natural law.

How has your bid been received within the Reform Party?

John Hagelin: There’s been a very positive response wherever I have spoken—both to my candidacy and to my desire to forge a powerful coalition of third parties. If the Reform Party nominating process turns out to be truly open and democratic, I believe I can win the nomination with ease, as was demonstrated in Illinois and Iowa.

Can we expect you to seek the nominations of any of the other third parties?

John Hagelin: Yes, I will seek the Green Party nomination. The Green Party and our party are ideologically closely aligned. I will be speaking with Ralph Nader soon to discuss what type of collaboration is possible.

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