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Genetic Engineering
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Recent News Stories

Splicing Away Regulations Down on the Animal Pharm” - Genetic engineering is creating animals to be used as factories for producing drugs

The Freaks of the Farmyard” - Millions of farm animals suffer because of inhumane breeding policies to produce cheap food

Transgenesis Touted as Solution to Fish Shortages” - The human growth hormone gene is being inserted into several types of fish to make them larger

Alarm Greets Contraceptive Virus” - A genetically engineered virus that stops mice from getting pregnant could create ecological disaster if it infected nonpest species

The New Poison Plants” - Potatoes and corn now on the market produce their own pesticides

Plastic Plants” - Scientists have genetically engineered oil rapeseed plants to grow plastic polymers in their leaves and seeds

Mysterious Problems Crop Up in Cloning--Lab Miscarriages, Genetic Alterations Raise Red Flag” - Cloned fetuses have subtle genetic alterations affecting their development

“ ‘Giant' Lambs Put Future of Cloning in Doubt” - Scientists who cloned “Dolly” say many cloned lambs are born abnormally large and die shortly after birth

Genetically Engineered Tobacco Scandal at B&W” - Brown and Williamson Tobacco may have lied about genetic engineering of tobacco to increase nicotine content

Japanese Researchers Create Glowing Mice” - Geneticists inject mouse embryos with bioluminescent-jellyfish DNA, creating mice that glow green under ultraviolet light

Edible Vaccines” - Genetically engineered bananas are being developed that contain vaccines; scientists are concerned about ecological effects

Scientists Close to Making Human Blood from Animals” - Researchers are close to replacing the plasma genes of sheep and cows with the human equivalent

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