March 31, 2003

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Natural Law Party staff

Our Natural Law Party staff members work largely on a volunteer basis. We are thrilled that Richard Burmeister, long-time NLP supporter and computer specialist, has joined us as our new Treasurer. Richard is working full-time to streamline our accounting and reporting procedures and to keep our accounts up to date. Valerie Barnard, our director of party building, also works full-time, juggling several important jobs as she maintains contact with our state leaders, oversees ballot access activities, and responds to hundreds of requests from the field. We are very fortunate to have Richard and Valerie on our team.

Kingsley and Leslie Brooks continue their role as party co-chairs, overseeing NLP operations nationwide and working closely with John Hagelin in the development of new national initiatives. And Gerry Geer continues as director of publications, writing national communications and working with all of us to create platform, news flash, and website content. These three staff members, who have many non-NLP responsibilities, volunteer time as generously as possible in order to keep the national office functioning smoothly.


Dear Friend of the Natural Law Party,

Our 2000 presidential candidate Dr. John Hagelin recently emailed you a comprehensive summary of Natural Law Party peace initiatives and campaign plans for 2004. In that letter, he also encouraged you to support these important projects as generously as possible. (If you missed this summary, please read it now by clicking here.)

As Natural Law Party co-chairs, we want to add our voices today to Dr. Hagelin’s and urge you to support the Natural Law Party in every way you can as we begin our national campaigns for the 2004 election season.

The Natural Law Party is our most powerful political organization dedicated to creating peace on earth—the one political party that fully represents your voice in America. The entire Natural Law Party platform is dedicated to programs and policies in accord with natural law—in accord with the deepest structures of the Unified Field.

As Dr. Hagelin described in his letter, the Natural Law Party is planning a dynamic 2004 campaign, and we warmly welcome your participation. If you’d like to be a Natural Law Party candidate and thereby become a standard bearer for peace—or if you’d like to help by contributing your time, expertise, or organizational support—please contact Valerie Barnard by phone at 1-800-332-0000 or via email at

Most important, we urge you to make a financial contribution today. To launch our national campaign for 2004, the Natural Law Party needs your support—now more than ever. Our coalition building and candidate training efforts are coming together now and bearing fruit in ways that can permanently alter the future of our nation. But we cannot bring this vision to full fruition without your help.

Please give generously today. Or sign up as one of our cherished monthly donors, who have been the true foundation of all our ongoing successes nationwide.

You can make a financial contribution in three ways:


By mail (please make checks payable to “Natural Law Party”):

Natural Law Party
P.O. Box 1900
Fairfield, IA 52557

By phone: 1-800-332-0000

We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Each of our supporters makes a substantial contribution to peace on earth and to the implementation of sustainable, natural law-based policies in America. We must continue the momentum of the past decade and bring to fruition all the endeavors that have been so dear to all our hearts for so many years—the creation of prevention-oriented, peace-based administration in America in accord with natural law.

As Dr. Hagelin has said, together we can change our society and world and create a future vibrant with all possibilities. We look forward working with all of you, and as always, we send you our deepest and continuing appreciation for your generous support.

Wishing you all success and fulfillment,

Kingsley and Leslie Brooks