February 5, 2003

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NLP Chair Testifies at Campaign Finance Reform Hearings


Natural Law Party chair Kingsley Brooks traveled to Washington, D.C., last Friday to testify at the Presidential Task Force Hearings of the Campaign Finance Institute, held at the National Press Club.

The hearings covered the goals of the presidential finance system, the problems with the system, and proposals to reform the system.

Mr. Brooks spoke on behalf of Natural Law Party 2000 presidential candidate Dr. John Hagelin, who had been invited last December to testify at the hearings and to give his views and policy recommendations about the current campaign financing system. For a transcript of the testimony, please visit


Other third party perspectives were given by Theresa Amato, campaign manager for Ralph Nader in 2000, and Harry Browne, the Libertarian Party presidential candidate in 2000.

The Campaign Finance Institute is a non-partisan, non-profit institute, affiliated with The George Washington University, that conducts objective research and education, empanels task forces and makes recommendations for policy change in the field of campaign finance.

The Campaign Finance Institute has convened a Blue Ribbon Task Force on Financing Presidential Nominations. The Task Force, which organized the hearings, is analyzing the performance of the public funding system, including the impact of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA).

Mr. Brooks's testimony at the Campaign Finance Institute shows that the Natural Law Party continues to be a significant force in the shaping of U.S. public policy.