November 26, 2002

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NLP Coalition Candidates Win Over 1.6 Million Votes, High Percentages In 2002


America needs prevention-oriented government--now more than ever. This timely message of the Natural Law Party, in an election season dominated by news of war and terrorism, has resonated with the American people more deeply and personally than ever before. Our 2002 candidates, who brought this message of prevention to millions during their campaigns this year, reaped the rewards in the best overall results in the Party's history.

This year, 41 Natural Law Party coalition candidates in 16 states won over 1.6 million votes and an average 7% of the vote--a outstanding showing and a huge increase in both categories over the last nonpresidential election in 1998, when three times as many candidates won 1.2 million votes. Six 2002 candidates won more than 15% of the vote in their races, with Connie Boyer of Iowa garnering 49.7% in a very close race for State Representative and NLP candidate Lon Itson of Nevada winning the election for Good Springs Township–Clark County Constable.

The successes of our candidates in 2002 also secured ballot access for the Natural Law Party in 2004 in six states--California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, and Nevada. This achievement is highly significant and will save the Party thousands of hours of signature gathering and hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2004. Ballot access ensures that Natural Law Party coalition candidates will appear on the ballot two years from now in all these states--thereby giving millions of citizens an opportunity to support natural law.

Several states deserve special mention for the exemplary successes of their candidates in this election year:

  • California's seven NLP candidates, under the outstanding leadership of gubernatorial candidate Iris Adam and state co-chair Judy Barath-Black, brought in over 754,000 votes, with three candidates exceeding the 2% requirement needed to safeguard 2004 NLP ballot access.
  • Minnesota independent gubernatorial candidate Tim Penny, who had actively sought the Natural Law Party's endorsement for his campaign, singlehandedly won 364,000 votes.
  • Ohio's campaigns, spearheaded by gubernatorial candidate Dr. John Eastman, congressional candidate Kara Anastasio, and state chair Dennis Slotnick, garnered 256,000 votes and greatly increased public awareness for the NLP message of prevention-oriented solutions.
  • Michigan's four candidates won 138,000 votes under the organizational leadership of state chair Doug Dern and long-time Party supporter David Arndt.
  • Colorado, under the exemplary leadership of Patrick West, brought in 50,000 votes and widespread public awareness for the Natural Law Party.

Top votegetters in 2002 were Tim Penny for Governor of Minnesota (364,000), Raul Calderon for Insurance Commissioner of California (176,000), Carlos Aguirre for Controller of California (167,000), Louise Allison for Secretary of State of California (162,000), John Eastman for Governor of Ohio (127,000), and Sylvia Valentine for Treasurer of California (103,000)

Other candidates with high percentages of total votes included David Kidd for State Assembly in Ohio (17%) and Tony Rush for U.S. Congress in Tennessee (16%). For a complete list of results by candidate, please see

Dr. John Hagelin, the Natural Law Party's 2000 presidential candidate, was elated by the results of our coalition candidates this year. "Everyone involved in these campaigns did an outstanding job," he said. "At a time of great national concern, our candidates carried a profound message of positive solutions to the American people. The outcomes of their campaigns show that the Natural Law Party continues to be a powerful, positive force for change."

We send our deepest congratulations to all our Natural Law Party coalition candidates and their support teams for their remarkable accomplishments this year, and we look forward to even greater achievements in the future.


The successes of all our coalition candidates in 2002--and all the achievements of Dr. John Hagelin and the Natural Law Party during the past decade--have been due entirely to your generous financial support. We look to you as the true visionaries of America, who understand that natural-law based solutions alone can create a bright and sustainable future for our country.

Please continue to help us bring this message to the American people. Contributions made early in the campaign season create a firm foundation for future success and are therefore the most vital of the entire election cycle. As we begin our preparations for the 2004 election season, we need your support--now more than ever. Please give generously. For information on how to make your donation today, please visit

Thank you very much in advance for your generous support.