September 25, 2002

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In this 2002 election season, the Natural Law Party has fielded and endorsed four very strong candidates for Governor. Iris Adam (NLP-California), Clyde Cleveland (Libertarian-Iowa), John Eastman (Independent-Ohio), and Tim Penny (Independence Party-Minnesota) represent the best of the Natural Law Party’s coalition-building efforts this year, and we’d like to update you on their inspiring campaigns.



Iris Adam, the Natural Law Party candidate for Governor of California, continues to run a highly visible and effective campaign. On Tuesday, September 24, at 12:45 p.m., she participated in a televised debate for all gubernatorial candidates that was organized by Adelphia Media and moderated by Bill Rosendahl. Earlier, on September 9, she joined other third-party candidates for a political forum held at the prestigious Commonwealth Club in San Francisco before an enthusiastic crowd of 250. Her campaign statement appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on September 3 (see

Below is a short summary of the many exciting events scheduled for the Adam campaign:

September 22, Irvine: Appearance with Irvine Mayor Larry Agran during the kick-off of his re-election campaign and the initiation of a huge development/military conversion project, The Great Park in Orange County.
September 24, Santa Monica: Adelphia Media-sponsored televised Gubernatorial Debate, moderated by Bill Rosendahl (to be aired statewide on the California Channel in the next few weeks)
September 27, Los Angeles: CU@USC —hour-long televised interview sponsored by the University of Southern California
September 28, Riverside: Speech at White Park
September 30, Monterey Park: Featured speaker at CACA
October 9, San Francisco: KQED Public Radio, Gubernatorial Forum and call-in
October 9, Irvine: UC-Irvine Students for Natural Law host Natural Law Party candidates
October 16, Cypress: Cypress College Gubernatorial Debate, moderated by Professor Peter Mathews
October 18, Berkeley: University of California political science classes host Natural Law Party candidates
October 28, Sacramento: Capital Public Radio Gubernatorial Forum
November 1, Irvine: Keynote speaker at Academic & Professional Women luncheon

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Clyde Cleveland, the NLP-endorsed Libertarian candidate for Governor of Iowa, has received significant news coverage and public support during his very active 2002 campaign. Now Cleveland’s new book, Restoring the Heart of America: A Return to Government by the People (with Ed Noyes), has just been picked up by Barnes & Noble—and the popular bookstore chain is considering distributing the book nationally.

The book has received rave reviews, including endorsements by U.S. Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) and New Mexico Governor Gary E. Johnson (for book reviews and other endorsements for Cleveland, see

Cleveland and Noyes’s book lays out a plan for restoring both prosperity and the environment by tapping into citizens’ inherent creativity. The book calls for a return to the fundamental values and eternal principles that created America. Among policy issues, Cleveland explains how to harness the wind to provide a monthly income to every citizen while eliminating the environmental damage of burning coal; how to turn a property tax nightmare into a construction boom; and how to protect the safety of America’s food supply from the hazards of genetically engineered foods. For more information, click on the book cover photo at

We encourage everyone to call your local Barnes & Noble and ask for a copy of Restoring the Heart of America. If the store doesn’t have it yet, please urge them to stock it right away— and be sure to get copies for yourself and your friends.

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Dr. John Eastman, a three-time Natural Law Party candidate and now the NLP-endorsed Independent candidate for Governor of Ohio, recently received 5% of the vote with 40% name recognition, according to a poll conducted by the Institute for Policy Research and sponsored by the University of Cincinnati. This outcome was up from 2% percent of the vote the previous week, in a poll reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Details of the poll can be found at

“I believe these results so early in the season mean that voters are actively looking for an alternative to ‘politics as usual,’” Eastman said. “I have always thought that the threshold for change is between 5% and 10% of the vote. That is the point when the media and the major parties start to wake up to what people want. With your help, we can accomplish that in Ohio this election cycle.”

Since the Natural Law Party was not on the Ohio ballot this year, Eastman decided to run as an Independent candidate and to try to surmount Ohio’s daunting ballot access requirements. With phenomenal grassroots support, he gathered over 5,000 signatures and qualified for the ballot on July 1—the only non-major party candidate to do so.

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Tim Penny, former six-term U.S. Congressman and now the NLP-endorsed Independence Party candidate for Governor of Minnesota, has seized the imagination and support of Minnesota voters as a possible successor to outgoing Governor Jesse Ventura. According to a recent public opinion poll conducted for the Pioneer Press and Minnesota Public Radio, Penny has currently taken the lead over the Republican and Democratic candidates—and the same poll shows that voters view him much more favorably than the other candidates.

Penny actively sought Natural Law Party support for his campaign and received the Party’s formal endorsement in August 2002. In his 12 years as U.S. Representative, Penny supported many initiatives important to the Natural Law Party. Among these, in 1993 he introduced a bill to outlaw restrictive ballot access laws in federal elections for third party and independent candidates. He has also strongly supported deficit reduction, small government, and campaign finance reform. He has co-authored three books about these issues—Common Cents, The 15 Biggest Lies in Politics, and Payment Due—and he regularly writes columns for various national newspapers and publications.

Penny serves on the Governor’s Advisory Council; as a member of the Governor’s Health Care Reform Task Force; as a board member and policy chair for the budget watchdog group The Concord Coalition; and as co-chair for the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget with former U.S. Representative Bill Frenzel (R-MN).

Outgoing Governor Jesse Ventura encouraged Penny to join the Minnesota gubernatorial race as an Independence Party candidate and immediately endorsed him as the best third-party choice for voters. Clearly, Minnesota voters agree.

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