September 11, 2002

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Dr. Arenander

Due to unexpected circumstances, Dr. John Hagelin will be unable to attend the Holistica Expo in Atlanta this Saturday, September 14.

However, Dr. Alarik Arenander, Director of the Brain Research Institute at Dr. Hagelin's Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy, will attend the Expo in Dr. Hagelin's stead. Dr. Arenander is a wonderful and engaging speaker, and his presentation will feature some of the latest available research findings about total brain functioning and its relationship to higher states of consciousness. Dr. Arenander will also cover much of the material that Dr. Hagelin had been planning to present.

Due to this scheduling change, Dr. Arenander's talk will be free and open to all Expo participants. Attendance at the Expo costs $12 per person. The talk is scheduled for 3:30-5:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 14.

We encourage everyone in the Atlanta area to attend this inspiring and informative event.