July 23, 2002

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Oregon GE Campaign Submits 101,256 Signatures, Wins Certification for Ballot Initiative
Campaign Organizers Work to Keep Natural Law Party on Oregon Ballot

The Oregon Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods has worked for more than two years to qualify a ballot initiative for the Oregon 2002 ballot that would make labeling mandatory for all genetically engineered foods grown or sold in Oregon. Now the Campaign has achieved an unprecedented victory—and in gratitude for Natural Law Party support, the organizers want to help our Party stay on the Oregon ballot in 2004. Here’s the story.

Historic Success of Oregon Signature Drive

On July 5, the Oregon Campaign submitted over 101,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office in support of a ballot initiative that would require the labeling of GE foods in Oregon. This number far exceeds the 67,000 valid voter signatures required by the state and demonstrates the enormous public support for labeling GE foods.

Today, July 23, the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office officially certified the initiative for the Oregon 2002 ballot. Now Oregon voters will have the opportunity and authority in November to vote the measure into law—and thereby ensure that all GE foods in Oregon are labeled.

The presence of this GE labeling initiative on the Oregon ballot

  • creates an unprecedented opportunity to educate the public about the hazards of GE foods and the benefits of organic food;
  • sets a powerful precedent for similar ballot initiatives in other states;
  • significantly boosts the national initiative to label GE foods; and
  • alerts other countries that not all Americans favor GE foods.

The Natural Law Party sends its deepest congratulations to Oregon Campaign organizers Donna Harris, Kate Lord, and all their volunteers for this historic and unprecedented accomplishment.

Help Us Maintain NLP Ballot Access in Oregon!

The organizers of the Oregon Campaign are deeply grateful to all the Natural Law Party supporters nationwide who helped to make the Campaign such a huge success. Campaign organizer Donna Harris has even changed her voter registration to NLP in response to this outpouring of support. In appreciation of our Party’s contributions, Campaign volunteers and professional signature gatherers now want to help the Natural Law Party stay on the Oregon ballot in 2004.

To maintain ballot access in Oregon, the Natural Law Party needs 1,114 Oregon voters to be registered NLP no later than August 7. We currently have 672 registered NLP voters—and very little time left before the deadline. But Oregon Campaign volunteers are willing to help register large numbers of voters with the NLP.

Oregon Campaign volunteers will set up voter registration tables on college campuses, at health food stores, etc. They intend to inspire voters to register NLP by explaining that

  • the Natural Law Party has always supported labeling of GE foods;
  • the “Natural Law Party” option on the ballot will give voters another way to vote against GE; and
  • Natural Law Party candidates will help educate the public about the hazards of GE foods.

Please help us fulfill our voter registration goal. Here’s what you can do.

For everyone:

  1. Send a donation to support the Oregon voter registration drive. All contributions are greatly appreciated. Please send a check made out to “Donna Harris” (with “NLP” noted on the check’s memo line) to

    Donna Harris
    3109 SW Dolph Ct.
    Portland, OR 97219

    Donna will then pay her volunteers to help register Oregon voters with the Natural Law Party. With more volunteers, the registration drive will be able to sign up NLP voters more quickly.
  2. Tell your Oregon friends about the voter registration drive. Urge them to register as Natural Law Party voters. They will not be obliged to vote for NLP candidates if they register NLP, but by safeguarding NLP ballot access they will give all Oregon voters more choices in November.
  3. Contact us if you can help. If you can volunteer for the Oregon voter registration drive, or if you need more information, please call 800-332-0000 and leave your name, email address, and a short message. We will get back to you with all the information you need.

For all Oregon residents:

1. Make sure you’re registered NLP. During the 2000 election or the 2002 primaries, many of you may have changed your party affiliation on your voter registration form. Please be sure to reregister as an NLP voter.

2. Volunteer for the voter registration drive. Please contact Donna Harris directly by phone at 503-892-9393 or by email at donnaharris@hotmail.com if you can help. Or call 800-332-0000 for more information.

Thank you in advance for your timely support!