June 26, 2002

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Achieving ballot access—the right to list the names of party candidates, including the presidential candidate, on state ballots—is one of the greatest challenges facing third parties. To achieve ballot access, the Natural Law Party must petition a given state by collecting signatures of registered voters in that state—a very expensive and time-consuming endeavor.

Fortunately, some state laws allow third parties to maintain ballot access from one election to the next without petitioning, if the party fulfills certain other requirements. The Natural Law Party can maintain ballot access in 2004 in seven important states without petitioning—with your help.

For all NLP supporters: If you have not yet indicated “Natural Law Party” as your chosen party affiliation on your state voter registration—or if you have recently changed your party affiliation in order to vote in the primaries—please reregister as a Natural Law Party voter as soon as possible.

If you live in one of the seven states listed below: Please take action to help us maintain ballot access in your state. If you need clarification or can help out in any way, please contact Valerie Barnard by email at valerie@natural-law.org or by phone at 800-332-0000, ext. 3.

Thanks in advance for your support.


CALIFORNIA—To maintain ballot access for 2004, at least one Natural Law Party candidate running for statewide office in 2002 must win 2% of the votes cast in his or her race. We have six candidates running for statewide office (for more information, please visit http://www.natural-law.org/enews/2002_04_29.html), so be sure to vote for them—and for our other California candidates—in November!

Also, please make sure your voter registration still gives the Natural Law Party as your party affiliation, since we need to maintain a baseline of registered NLP voters in California in order to keep our ballot access.

FLORIDA—The Natural Law Party is not currently a state party, and in order to be reinstated, we need an official state chair. If you'd like to take on this role, please contact Valerie Barnard at 800-332-0000, ext. 3, for more details.

HAWAII—To gain permanent ballot access, we need to run at least one candidate in each election over a 10-year period. At present, we have one candidate, but we'd like to have more. The deadline for candidate applications is July 23, so if you’d like to run in 2002, please contact us.

MICHIGAN—The Natural Law Party needs a state chair who can stay in touch with the Michigan Secretary of State's Office to ensure that the NLP is given official recognition in Michigan this year. Then, to maintain ballot access for 2004, we need to run at least one candidate in 2002 (application deadlines are July 31). If you can help, please contact us immediately.

NEVADA—To maintain ballot access for 2004, we need at least one candidate running for office in 2002 to win 1% of the vote. We have four candidates running (please visit http://www.natural-law.org/states/Nevada.html for more information), so be sure to vote for them in November! Also, if Natural Law Party registered voters comprise 1% of all Nevada voters, we maintain ballot access automatically; therefore, please be sure you've registered with the NLP.

OREGON—To maintain ballot access for 2004, we need a candidate to run for either Governor or U.S. Senate in 2002 and to win 1% of the vote. The deadline for candidate registration is August 27. Please contact us immediately if you would be willing to run.

In addition, we need 1,114 voters (0.1% of the total votes cast for Governor in 2000) to be registered NLP no later than August 7. There are currently 687 registered with the NLP. If you have not yet reregistered as an NLP voter, please do so right away.

We also need a State Representative (chair, contact, etc.) and a State Treasurer. The State Representative can be in name only, and the State Treasurer only has to file a short report twice a year. Please contact us if you could take on this modest responsibility.

VERMONT—To fulfill state ballot access requirements, we need a State Chair to organize for 2004, and we also need a State Treasurer. Please contact us if you could fulfill either of these roles.

Thanks very much for your help!