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THE NATURAL LAW PARTY upholds the Second Amendment. We will vigorously enforce existing gun control laws, since we believe that the widespread availability of guns is, in itself, a significant contributing factor to the rise of violent crime. We also support child safety locks, waiting periods, and background checks to help prevent guns from falling into the hands of children and convicted felons. We believe that this stance represents a suitable balance between public safety and the constitutional right to bear arms.

At the same time, the Natural Law Party holds that the current debate over gun control overlooks the root cause of this issue. The climate of fear and tension pervading America's cities and towns is largely responsible for the proliferation of guns and their use in acts of violent crime. The Natural Law Party is the only political party to offer scientifically proven programs to reduce built-up social stress and thereby reduce crime and violence (see our Crime and Rehabilitation section).

Within six months of the implementation of these programs, the Natural Law Party anticipates a dramatic reduction in crime rate as stress is neutralized and the whole population spontaneously becomes more in harmony with both natural law and national law. In this improved atmosphere, the perceived need for -- and the actual use of -- weapons will naturally diminish.

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