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Genetic Engineering
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December 1999

Help Us Grow Our “Affiliation Database”

Here at Natural Law Party national headquarters, we’d like to start building a database of people around the country who are actively involved in “social renewal” but who may not know about the Natural Law Party yet. These people may be society leaders, thinkers, doers, or media members whose public stances on national and local issues indicate a natural alignment with our Party. We want to inform these people about Party positions and events of interest.

You can easily help us in this endeavor. Whenever you listen to the radio, read the paper, watch television, or talk with friends, just let us know about anyone you find out about who shares our ideas and perspectives. For instance, if you read a newspaper column expressing concern about genetically engineered foods, send the author’s name and the paper’s name, date, and page number to national headquarters, and we can then inform the author about any NLP-sponsored genetic engineering conferences that he or she could cover. (In just this way, a Boston Globe reporter ended up attending the Washington, D.C., Summit on the Hazards of GE foods and writing an excellent article about it.)

This idea is so simple, yet so powerful! And you can get in touch with us so easily:

  1. Email us at,
  2. Call us at 800-332-0000, ext. 119, or
  3. Write to us at Affiliations, c/o NLP, P.O. Box 1900, Fairfield, IA 52556.

The result? You’ll help us identify the people who are actively interested in creating a better world—and who can help us implement this goal as quickly as possible.

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