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July 1999

Dr. Mike Tompkins Tours U.S., Recruits Candidates

Dr. Mike Tompkins recently completed an extensive U.S. tour to promote the Natural Law Party and to recruit candidates for the 2000 elections. In the past two months he visited Colorado, Florida, New England, New York, and Kentucky, with Illinois, Texas, and other states scheduled for the fall. In every location he gave public lectures, appeared on many radio and television shows, met with newspaper editors and reporters, received extensive press coverage, and spoke at health food stores and restaurants about the hazards of genetically engineered foods. He also met with local Party supporters and potential candidates to help build the statewide Party organizations and to strengthen campaigns. Dr. Tompkins maximized the impact of each tour by organizing statewide conference calls following his visit, so that citizens who heard him speak could find out more by connecting to the call with friends and family. In this way, he multiplied Natural Law Party exposure at least fivefold.

In Colorado, Dr. Tompkins also attended many Colorado youth forums that dealt with the problems of school violence. In public meetings at Skyline High School and at the Boulder Recreation Center, young people gave their views on school violence and stress, and then Dr. Tompkins presented the Natural Law Party’s view on education and crime. Most young people felt that the problems of school violence were sparked by an inability to cope with stress; they therefore welcomed the Natural Law Party’s advocation of meditation and of quiet time to get in touch with themselves.

In Florida, Dr. Tompkins spoke to political science classes at several universities, including Dayton’s Embry Ridely Aeronautical University. He also spoke at Borders Bookstore to help promote Bob Roth’s book The Natural Law Party: A Reason to Vote. In addition, Dr. Tompkins addressed many church groups, such as the Unitarian Universalist Church in Boone and the Center for Conscious Living in Clearwater. In these presentations, Dr. Tompkins introduced the understanding of consciousness and the importance of developing it in order to effectively apply any other social program. The concept of “unfreezing” human potential was very well received by these groups.

“Potential candidates are everywhere,” Dr. Tompkins said. “Everywhere I went, leaders of society stepped forward who will become very powerful candidates and Party organizers. And I was delighted—and surprised—by the strong media interest in the Natural Law Party so early in this campaign season. We simply need more national exposure to the Party and its programs; when we get such exposure, we immediately create resonance with the people. As these tours continue, I feel confident that our contacts will bring new support and many new candidates to make Campaign 2000 a tremendous success.”

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