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March 1999
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Neale Donald Walsch to Host Forums with NLP Leaders

Nationally acclaimed author Neale Donald Walsch, who endorses the Natural Law Party in his recent bestselling book "Conversations with God, Book 3," is helping the Party raise public awareness and campaign funds for the year 2000 election.

On March 23, Mr. Walsch will co-host a special fundraising event at the prominent Hollis Taggart Galleries in New York City. Titled "An Evening of Personal Transformation and Political Renewal," the event will feature Mr. Walsch; John Hagelin, Ph.D.; and Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D., bestselling author and 1998 California gubernatorial candidate. The event will include a book signing and reception at the Gallery, followed by a fundraising dinner. (For more information, please call 800-332-0000, ext. 119.)

Mr. Walsch will participate in several more such forums, including one on April 30 in Los Angeles and one on May 28 in Detroit.

Mr. Walsch said his enthusiasm for the Natural Law Party was fired up after he read a recent book about the Party. "I consider myself to be politically very well informed," he said, "but until I read Robert Roth's book, "The Natural Law Party: A Reason to Vote," I had no idea how the Republicans and Democrats have blatantly and consistently violated the very spirit of our country's tradition of democracy for which they claim to stand, making it virtually impossible for Third Party organizations or candidates to effectively engage the American political process. That is why I am supporting and joining the efforts of the Natural Law Party to reopen the American political process and reform the democratic system, to provide our citizens with true choice once again.

"The Natural Law Party excites the human heart through the simple idea that when we apply natural laws to the various processes of life, we can return the simple elegance of natural law to our own lives," Mr. Walsch said. "Something deep inside each of us knows that it is through returning to the integrity within ourselves that we become capable of greatness, both individually and as a society.

"Now is the crucial time for each of us to step in and collectively create a new reality," Mr. Walsch said. "And this is the exciting role the Natural Law Party is destined to play in the affairs of the human race. The Natural Law Party must succeed in its efforts, and that is why I will do whatever I can to co-create that."

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