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November 1998

E-Mail Comments from Supporters Across the Nation

You seem to be the only political party that makes sense!
—M.H., Colorado

I want to learn more about the issues you support and spread the word that we do have a choice for real problem solving in America!
—C.C., California

I will vote for anyone who is a candidate running under the Natural Law party.
—E.J., Louisiana

This is the first time I've heard of the Natural Law Party. I'm very excited to find a platform which coincides with my interests. I agree so much with your decisions to encourage renewable resources and preventative healthcare, no pesticides, etc. I think I may print out information from your website and distribute it at the several college campuses in Pittsburgh. I'm also planning to vote for my PA NLP candidate, Carolyn Boyce.
—R.M., Pennsylvania

Just to let you know I love you guys. I wish more people would open their eyes and see how great you are. Both the Republicans and the Democrats are a joke.... Thank You.
—D.O., New Jersey

I am so delighted to have discovered the Natural Law Party! I was unaware of your existence until I read the Ballot Pamphlet. I have already changed my voter registration! It's about time!
—C.S., California

I have reviewed the main details of your platform and found that yours is the most beneficial to our economic, as well as social, societies. I am interested in a future career in politics, and, thus far, I am strongly leaning towards your party.
—K.E., Texas

Please put me on the mailing list! I can't wait any longer to become involved—I will vote! Thank you, NLP, for hanging in there!
—D.K., Iowa

For my Political Science course, I am required to volunteer 20 hours of my time to a political candidate of this November's election. The candidate is one of our choosing; I chose to work for Zanna Feitler & the Natural Law Party because your platform sounds like a very progressive one and I strongly agree with NLP's stances on the issues. I need to know what I can do to help.
—K.G., Ohio

I voted Natural Law in '96. I like the way Natural Law is trying to enrich political debate in the country by not just stating problems, but thinking of well-conceived possible solutions to these problems. If anybody ever needs my signature to get onto the ballot, I would be honored to help.
—R.F., Illinois

I believe in word of mouth, and would like to voice the platform of the Natural Law Party as a viable alternative, and one that fits our advancement as a society. I want people to be aware of it not only as an alternative, but as a vote of protest to the unproductive, inefficient tradition of bipartisanship in our government. The idea of cooperation existing throughout the universe and in our own bodies, and everywhere throughout nature (except human nature), is the pattern we should base government upon, and this is a vital point that I think cannot be denied. If people could be aware of this and the other tenets of this party, it would have rapidly growing numbers in membership. Awareness is the key.
—M.S., Texas

I am a student at the University of Iowa School of Law and am interested in creating awareness among fellow students about the Natural Law Party and in assisting in the campaigns of political candidates in my area. I have found this web site extremely informative and am very excited to have found a political party that is working to promote ideas I have always adhered to.
—B.E., Iowa

I want to pass on appreciation to Zanna Feitler for her heroic performance last night that my wife and I came across on C-Span. I was inspired by Zanna's command of the elements integrating America's Natural Law Platform foundations with the other three gentleman. Bravo! Zanna! Thank you!
—D.K., California

We are a family of independent thinkers who have never been involved with politics. We saw Zanna Feitler in a debate tonight (Columbus, Ohio) and were so impressed that we looked you up on the web. We are very impressed. We have decided to try to organize some others here in Columbus to come out publicly for Zanna. We admire her courage--to say on TV (with politicians, no less) that the natural, spiritual, healthy, and sensible approach can actually be done. It takes courage because it is not political. We are supporting her for governor and will try to get others to do the same. Recently, in our local paper, she said she knew she would not win the election but wanted to get these ideas "out there." We agree. Maybe she can't win in '98, but why not shoot for another year? Thank you for being there. Thank you for stating what many of us say privately. Way to go!
—E.N., M.G., & family, Ohio

I am an independent voter. I have been reading everything that I can about the Natural Law Party. I've read everything you had on the Net, Robert Roth's new book "A Reason to Vote," and I'm looking forward to reading Dr. Hagelin's book. I find that your ideas and policies reasonate deeply with my own. I would like to help the party get out the vote in the coming election and help build the Party after the elections. I have worked on many campaigns in my life including my own in 1994 for State Assembly. Please send me information. I would like to walk some of the neighborhoods in my district and hand out literature and spread the word!!! Please send the information right away so that I can get out the last three weeks before the elections. I look forward to meeting you and working with you to create a new party and a new way to heal the earth.
—S.B., California

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