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August 1998
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International Natural Law Party Convention


Natural Law Party Leaders Launch 10-Point Action Plan

Continuing a five-year tradition of annual conventions, 400 leaders and delegates of the Natural Law Parties from over 60 countries met from July 7 to 9 at the Fifth International Convention of Natural Law Parties in Bonn, Germany, to celebrate a year of rapid expansion and increasing success for the Parties around the world. The 40 presentations at the Convention highlighted global activities and achievements as well as planned projects and election campaigns for the coming year.

The Convention created another milestone in building a global political force. In education, health care, economy, security, agriculture, environment, and urban revitalization the Natural Law Parties all advocate unique natural-law-based programs that could be implemented immediately. Collectively, the Parties are thus in a position to resolve global problems, succeeding where the UN, NATO, the IMF, and other international organizations have repeatedly failed.

The Natural Law Parties are currently contesting elections in Germany, the U.S., the European Union, and many other countries, and have millions of supporters worldwide.

Global Achievements

At the July 7 opening meeting of the Convention, leaders of the Natural Law Parties from Northern Ireland, Scotland, and the United Kingdom presented their achievements. James Anderson and Thomas Mullins spoke about their remarkable success in creating a peaceful election in Northern Ireland. Dr. Geoffrey Clements gave a brilliant report on the growing political influence and acceptance of the Natural Law Party in the United Kingdom.

In the afternoon, 15 other reports from European and South American countries all reflected the great strength and high level of achievement of the Natural Law Parties around the globe. Among these reports, Rob van der Sloot, the first elected official of the Natural Law Party to have been re-elected to public office, spoke about his increasing success as a city councilor of Lelystad in Holland. Claus Fenger and Dr. Klaus Volkamer presented the many activities of the Party in Germany, which is fielding 400 candidates in the current national election campaign.

The evening meeting, moderated by U.S. Party Chair Kingsley Brooks, was devoted to Natural Law Party successes in America. Dr. John Hagelin presented his newly published book, "Manual for a Perfect Government"--"must reading" for any government leader--and described the success of the U.S. Congressional Prevention Coalition (see page 2). Dr. Mike Tompkins summarized a remarkable year of campaign achievements, election reform, publications, coalition building, ballot access successes, and initiatives to protect the international food supply. Dr. Harold Bloomfield and Ms. Zanna Feitler described their experiences as gubernatorial candidates in California and Ohio, respectively. Media Director Robert Roth, whose book "Transcendental Meditation" has been very successful in many countries, presented his forthcoming book, "The Natural Law Party: A Reason to Vote" (see pages 1 and 3). At the end of these presentations, the U.S. delegation received a standing ovation.

"Ideal World" Campaign Inaugurated

On July 8, the leaders of the Natural Law Parties launched a global campaign to create "An Ideal World for the New Millennium." At an international news conference attended by numerous newspaper, radio, and television journalists from Russia, China, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Peru, and Germany, international Party leaders offered to every government a 10-point action plan to create a problem-free world by the year 2000 (see below).

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Addresses the Media

The international press conference featured an address by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi via teleconference from Maharishi Vedic University in Holland.

In his speech, which was also televised via global satellite to 57 countries, Maharishi said, "It is a great joy to see that the leaders of politics of the world are all together thinking about creating an ideal world, and that the means they have adopted to create an ideal world is Veda. Veda is knowledge. Veda is Natural Law, and the waves of the Veda are the waves of the self-referral dynamics of consciousness--the Self. So what is going to be established in the world by the Natural Law Party is Self-rule. Administration through Natural Law is the administration of the Self-interacting dynamics of consciousness.

"I heartily congratulate all those who are present at this Convention," he said. "Through their activities the light of Veda, the light of Natural Law, will reach all people. The governments will rise to a level of success, to a level of cordiality with each other so that there will be world peace."

A Global Political Force

After the July 8 press conference, Convention participants heard several reports about Natural Law Party presentations at international summits of heads of state, which have helped solidify the Party's global influence. Dr. Bevan Morris, leader of the Natural Law Party of Australia, then beautifully explained the new Vedic programs of the Natural Law Parties, which have the potential to transform society and create problem-free government everywhere. Dr. Reinhard Borowitz, Secretary General of the International Council of Natural Law Parties and Chairman of the Convention, summarized the progress of the Parties worldwide in becoming a global political force and explained the key Party policies for the European parliamentary elections.

Netherlands Antilles Prime Minister Addresses the Convention

As the last speaker of the Convention, the new Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles, Mrs. Susan Römer, addressed the convention by telephone. She expressed her interest in establishing a group of experts to create coherence in her country through the programs advocated by the Natural Law Parties around the world.

An Invitation

These annual International Conventions consistently bring waves of inspiration, practical knowledge, and campaign success to the candidates and leaders of Natural Law Parties around the globe. We encourage all Party supporters to join us next year in Bonn and enjoy deep insight into natural law and fulfillment for all areas of Party activities--local, national, and international.

The Natural Law Party is now active in over 60 countries:

Algeria - Argentina - Australia - Austria - Barbados - Belgium - Bolivia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Brazil - Canada - Chile - Colombia - Costa Rica - Croatia - Czech Republic - Denmark - Ecuador - El Salvador - Estonia - Fiji - Finland - France - French Guyana - Germany - Greece - Guadaloupe - Guyana - Hungary - Iceland - India - Ireland - Israel - Italy - Jamaica - Latvia - Lebanon - Martinique - Mauritius - Mexico - Netherlands Antilles - New Zealand - Nicaragua - Norway - Paraguay - Peru - Philippines - Poland - Portugal - Réunion - Slovakia - Slovenia - South Korea - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Taiwan - Thailand - Trinidad and Tobago - The Netherlands - United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland - U.S.A. - Yugoslavia


  1. Create stable and lasting world peace through proven peace-creating defense programs and a prevention wing in the military of every nation
  2. Create full employment and a stable, flourishing economy by unfolding the full creative potential of every citizen and promoting progress through life-nourishing economic principles
  3. Eliminate 50% of disease by the year 2000 through natural, prevention-oriented health care to promote good health and cut medical costs
  4. Reduce crime by 50% by the year 2000 through effective crime-prevention programs that minimize disharmonious behavior
  5. Make education complete by unfolding the total potential of the Self within every student and harnessing the laws of nature for life free of mistakes
  6. Provide healthy food for the whole population without the use of poisonous chemicals and genetic engineering through sustainable agriculture practices
  7. Reconstruct homes and office buildings to promote health and good fortune by using natural-law-based architectural principles to create ideal living conditions
  8. Cut pollution by 50% and eventually eliminate it through pollution-free industry, energy, transport, and agriculture
  9. Eliminate the causes of the disintegration of family and cultural values by dissolving stress in collective consciousness and creating an upsurge of harmony in society
  10. Create conflict-free politics and problem-free government in every country by implementing natural-law-based administration to prevent problems
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