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August 1998

Put the Natural Law Party on the Bestseller List!

On September 11--only a month from now--the prestigious international publishing house St. Martin's Press will release a new book that could rocket the Natural Law Party into the national spotlight.

Imagine a compelling, readable book about the Natural Law Party that rises up the bestseller list, week after week. St. Martin's Press is committed to achieving this goal, and so are we. Imagine the impact a bestselling book could have on public awareness and media coverage of the Natural Law Party and its candidates. Such a book could change political history.

The book is Robert Roth's "The Natural Law Party: A Reason to Vote," a first-person account of the remarkable rise of the Natural Law Party in U.S. politics. The book includes lively interviews with Party leaders, candidates, and pioneers in the fields of natural medicine, renewable energy, organic agriculture, and development of consciousness. It also features a penetrating examination of injustices in the American election process and a comprehensive look at the Party's well-researched, proven solutions to America's problems.

The publication of "The Natural Law Party: A Reason to Vote" will boost the success of every Party candidate in the 1998 elections and will lay the foundation for unprecedented success in the year 2000. But we must all act quickly to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Please join us in our national campaign to ensure that this brilliant book quickly achieves a well-deserved spot on the bestseller list. Read the St. Martin's press release and the action steps on page 3 of this newsletter. Call all the bookstores in your area to make sure they'll stock the book. Urge your friends to buy multiple copies. Most important, buy the book yourself and read it.

Together, we can launch "The Natural Law Party: A Reason to Vote" into national prominence and make the Natural Law Party the talk of the nation. Please don't delay. Begin your action steps today.

[caption] Robert Roth’s "The Natural Law Party: A Reason to Vote" will transform Americans' perspective on the obstacles faced by third parties and will inspire everyone with the Natural Law Party's principles and programs. With your help we can make this important book a bestseller. See page 3 for details.

For Immediate Release from St. Martin's Press

"The Natural Law Party: A Reason to Vote"

by Robert Roth

America prides itself as the torchbearer of democracy, enforcing tough international regulations to ensure equal opportunities for political parties all over the world.

Ironically, it is a completely different story at home. The United States has become the world's least democratic democracy. Big-money influence over the two main parties means that public policy is dictated by short-term special interests rather than long-term national interests. Even worse, voters are given few real choices at the polls. Laws enacted by the Republicans and Democrats strangle new political voices--keeping new parties, new ideas, and new leadership off the ballot, out of the media, and out of the political mainstream.

The impact is clear. Voter apathy is at an all-time high, voter turnout at an all-time low, and the conventional wisdom is that politics doesn't matter anymore--that there is no reason to vote.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. The fact is politics matters more than ever--and there are viable choices at the polls and countless crucial reasons to vote.

Robert Roth's "The Natural Law Party: A Reason to Vote" is a riveting, well-documented, first-person account of the remarkable rise of America's fastest growing political party--a party dedicated to breaking the two-party stranglehold and bringing effective new solutions to America's problems.

Lucidly and engagingly written, Roth takes the reader to the front lines of the Natural Law Party's battles to open up the election process and reinvigorate democracy. We also meet scientists, doctors, judges, educators, energy experts, farmers, and homemakers who are working to implement scientifically proven, prevention-oriented, natural-law-based programs that solve problems and revitalize the nation--without hazardous side effects.

"The Natural Law Party: A Reason to Vote" is an extraordinary account of the start of a remarkable journey to give a much-needed new political direction to our country. As such, it provides the reader with a feeling of where we are heading as a nation--and where we still need to go.

Action Steps: Creating a Bestseller

  1. Contact all the bookstores in your area (and on the Internet) to make sure they are planning to stock "The Natural Law Party: A Reason to Vote." If not, ask them to order it immediately.
  2. Please urge your friends to do the same. Many calls to the same bookstores will create a rising wave of interest.
  3. Inspire your friends to buy multiple copies of the book for family and friends. And be sure to buy and read a copy yourself! Once you've done so, you'll want more copies.
  4. Make a generous donation to the Natural Law Party to support our plans to hire a professional advertising agency and to buy 10,000 books for presentations to government leaders, scientists, educators, and media representatives.

"Third parties have contributed huge ideas to American politics, from the abolition of slavery, to a woman's right to vote, to child labor laws. Their relatively recent exile to the margins of American political life is highly unfortunate. "The Natural Law Party: A Reason to Vote" gives us the information we need to bring third parties back to center stage."
--Marianne Williamson, author, "The Healing of America"

"A brilliant, provocative book which argues impressively that the America envisioned by our nation's founders can be realized through the Natural Law Party. This is must reading for our democracy to thrive."
--Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D., author, "Healing Anxiety Naturally"

"For democracy to work, third party participation is essential. Robert Roth shows clearly how the current system is keeping new ideas out of government. This book is a real eye-opener."
--Richard Carlson, Ph.D., author, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"

About the Author

Robert Roth is the press secretary of the Natural Law Party. He lives in Boone, North Carolina, and travels widely on behalf of the Party.

Bookstore Information

Title: The Natural Law Party: A Reason to Vote Author: Robert Roth Hardcover • Nonfiction • 320 pages Publisher: St. Martin’s Press Price: $23.95 ISBN: 0-312-19304-1

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