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Dateline 10/4/2001

NLP Endorses Clyde Cleveland For Governor Of Iowa

The Natural Law Party national executive committee is very pleased to endorse Libertarian candidate Clyde Cleveland in his campaign for Governor of Iowa in 2002. Clyde has been a longtime proponent of many of the natural law-based solutions championed by the Natural Law Party. We strongly support his campaign and wish him the greatest success.

For information about Clyde's campaign, or to make a contribution, please visit the campaign website at

A summary of Clyde's background and policy positions is given below.

We know from experience that third party candidates, in order to win, must have tremendous support from those who share their views. Please give Clyde whatever support you can to help him succeed in the 2002 election.


Clyde is a successful entrepreneur who has founded or cofounded seven successful companies. He has a very strong environmental record, with direct experience at finding creative solutions to problems and then actualizing them. In 1986 he was named "The First Socially Conscious Venture Capitalist" at an international symposium on Conscious Investing held in Estes Park, Colorado.

Clyde's campaign theme is "Lead by Example." He and his campaign team want to transform Iowa into a model for the rest of the nation by creating wealth and restoring the state's natural resources. Clyde believes that a third party governor in a small state like Iowa could have a major impact on the whole country, since most of the creative solutions that have arisen in recent years have come from the state and local level. If elected, Clyde and his administration could lead the way for innovative, solutions-based government to catch on in the rest of the states. Clyde's vision and policies are broad based. Although he is running as a Libertarian, we believe he will appeal to most Independents and to many Repubicans and Democrats as well. He is a passionate defender of individual freedom, as he explains in his "Letter to Iowans" at

Clyde plans to spend a good deal of time attracting college students to his campaign, since this group that has not voted in great numbers in the past. Both Clyde and his campaign chair are working full-time on the campaign, and they have started 15 months before the election. This is quite rare for a third party campaign. In summary, we are excited about Clyde's candidacy. We feel that Clyde can make a very positive impact on the entire country, not just Iowa, and we encourage you to give him your support.

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