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Dateline 11/4/2000

Special Notice
David Lynch Infomercial Update!

Late Friday night, we unexpectedly received notice from our media buyer that CNBC and Fox Family Channels did not approve our purchase of national media time for the David Lynch Infomercial. This is extremely disappointing--especially since we had put in our request several weeks ago. I do not know for sure why the stations did not approve our infomercial, but I believe it was for political reasons, very much like what they did to Ross Perot in 1996. I truly believe that the media are out to make sure that this third party movement doesn't catch fire. They don't want the American voter to hear fresh new ideas. They don't want another Jesse Ventura to succeed, especially on the national level.

The fall-back plan is to take the money we raised from Wednesday night's conference call and to purchase regional and local airtime in our strong states for Monday and Tuesday. We are optimistic that things will fall into place. Please stay tuned, as I will update everyone as soon as we can schedule these buys.

Upset in Fairfield !!!

Doug Friedline
Campaign Manager

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