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Dateline 11/3/2000

A Special Thanks From Campaign Manager Doug Friedline

What a great conference call we had Wednesday night. Nearly 75 Hagelin/Goldhaber rallies hooked up nationwide... OUR FIRST CONFERENCE CALL FILLED UP, AND MANY CONNECTED ON THE SECOND CALL. Reports from the field said that everyone had a great time. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we raised some good money towards showing the John Hagelin infomercial produced by David Lynch--nearly $25,000, according to early reports. We had fabulous speakers on the calls, including Neale Donald Walsch, David Lynch, Vincent Spano, Russ Verney, and Jim Mangia, along with John Hagelin and Nat Goldhaber. And it was great to hear all the successes from the field from Stephanie Rivera, Kalee Przybylak, Donna Donovan, Valerie Janlois, and others. A special thanks to all the Hagelin/Goldhaber campaign staff, including Kingsley and Leslie Brooks and Bobby Roth, who made the conference call Wednesday night a great success! I also want to thank the conference call organizing team--Harry and Susan Pavelka, Meret Amick, Tom Traynor, and Chris Castle-- for all their efforts in helping set up the Hagelin/Goldhaber rallies across the country. And thanks to the behind-the-scenes crew: Gerry Geer, Judy Barath Black, and Julia Busch.

The success of these rallies could not have happened without the party hosts throughout the country. Our hats are off to those who opened up their homes and offices to make this event happen (see below).

If you missed Wednesday's conference calls, both are now posted at (bottom of the "Audio" column).

As soon as we have confirmed the media buys for the John Hagelin interview produced by David Lynch, we'll send another news flash. Stay tuned....

Thanks again,
Doug Friedline
Campaign Manager

Iris and Nat Adam
Natasha Alexenko
Antoinette Ayers
Cheryl Beckett
Jane Bialosky
John Black
Shirley Boncheff
Linda Brady
Joan Brennan
Dan & Cindy Burkes
Kevin Carmody
Joanna Chappell
Mary Jo Christian
Lauri Clegg
Jim Collins
Ray and Gerry Coffey
Anne-Marie Cook
Sue Harris De Bauche
Beth Diluglio
Billie Eastman
Diane England
Zanna Feitler
Barbara Foster
Robert Fulgency
Mary Ellen Graybill
Sarina Grosswald
Marj Guio
Jerome Holden
The Inn at Heavenly Mountain
Neire Johnson
Gary and Wendy Kaplan
Stan Kendz
Charles and Flurrette Kersey
Jim Krag
Cindy Meagher Kuhn
Randy MacKenzie
Diane & Lloyd Marsden
Victoria Mattingly
Nancy McKay
Jane Meade
Michael Mendocha
Patti Metten
Dorothy Morgan
Amanda Musick
Steve O'Rourke
Ernie O'Toole
Vicki Peterson
Theresa Romano
John Schmidt
Linda Simmons
Janet Sluszka
Paula Spicer
June Spink
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Vaishnavi Trulen
Carol Watier
Scott Welbaum
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Paul Wilson
Michael Yankaus

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