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Dateline 5/17/2000

John Hagelin To Address Earthsave In New York

On Saturday, May 20, presidential candidate John Hagelin will be the featured speaker at a special dinner and lecture sponsored by EarthSave Long Island at St. Hugh-Huntington (see details below). Everyone in the New York area is warmly invited to attend.

Dr. Hagelin will speak about preventive health care, a moratorium on genetically engineered foods, organic agriculture, campaign reform, WTO/NAFTA reform, and renewable energy. EarthSave Long Island is a fast-growing, nonprofit, local action group of EarthSave International that addresses many daunting health, environmental, and social problems from the standpoint of diet and nutrition.

If you live in the Long Island/New York area, please join us at this event and give your support to Dr. Hagelin's coalition candidacy for president.

EarthSave Long Island/NYC
  Special Event: Dinner/Lecture
Date: Saturday, May 20
Time: 6:00 p.m. for dinner; 7:45 p.m. for the lecture
Location: Huntington, New York
Place: St. Hugh-Huntington
Rt. 110, between 9th St. and Pulaski;
1.3 miles north of Jericho Turnpike (25)
Speaker: John Hagelin

$3.00 for dinner if you bring a vegetarian dish; $6.00 for the lecture; add $8.00 if you are coming for dinner but are not bringing food to share

Reservations: Call 631-421-3791, Box #1
  Dinner: This event will be an evening of growth, green- learning, and networking. Please bring a vegetarian dish. To accommodate everyone, please do not use meat, dairy, eggs, refined sugar, honey, or chemical additives. Bring serving and eating utensils, a reusable plate and cup, and a dish to share with 10 hungry people (including a list of ingredients used!). Call Hotline for ideas.
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