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Dateline 5/3/2000

Hagelin Addresses Crowds At Conference On Science And Consciousness

In a brief stop between a Reform Party convention in Las Vegas on Sunday and a "Spirituality and Politics" public forum in Philadelphia on Tuesday, John Hagelin addressed a major international conference on "Science and Consciousness" in Albuquerque on Monday, May 1.

Speaking to a packed auditorium of nearly 1000 conference participants, Dr. Hagelin unveiled pioneering findings on "higher states of consciousness" from his Brain Research Institute. Using state-of-the-art brain imaging technologies and brain electroencephalograph (EEG) measurements, Hagelin outlined new breakthroughs in our growing ability to harness the untapped resources of the human brain.

As he announced these results of his 15 years' research on foundational educational innovations and brain development, Dr. Hagelin lambasted the current educational stagnation that results in gross underutilization of the nation's greatest resource--its human resource--the full brain potential of students and future leaders. Dr. Hagelin explained that effective education can and should harness the full creative potential of the brain, expand human comprehension, and create global citizens who are capable of fulfilling their aspirations easily while contributing to the well-being of society as a whole.

The thunderous response to his presentation resulted in a packed follow-up session, in which Dr. Hagelin explained his plan for a grassroots uprising--a political renaissance based on revitalizing America from the "inside out." In addition to education, Dr. Hagelin laid out his plan for a sustainable future based upon the latest, scientifically proven innovations in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, crime prevention, preventive and complementary medicine, and other forward-looking solutions to America's critical problems.

Hundreds of conference participants volunteered their time, energy, and contact networks in order to build the Natural Law Party nationwide and help Dr. Hagelin seize the Reform Party's presidential nomination in its mail-in primary in July.

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