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Dateline 3/16/2000

Candidate Filing Deadlines Fast Approaching

In order to run for office in the 2000 election, prospective candidates must file papers with their secretary of state's office in accord with the deadlines and regulations of each state. These filing deadlines are now approaching very fast in many states. If you've ever felt the desire to stand up for Natural Law in your state or locality, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!

The Natural Law Party is committed to running as many as 2000 candidates on the ballot in all 50 states in the 2000 election, with federal, state, and local offices all represented. The candidate filing deadlines for the next three months are given below.

If you'd like to become a candidate, please visit our website at to fill out an application, or call our Party Building department today at 800-332-0000 (email:

Our candidates consistently report that standing for office with the Natural Law Party has been one of the most exhilarating, rewarding, and growth-producing experiences of their lives. If you support natural law, natural law will support you! Be a lighthouse for your constituency and become a candidate today!

State Candidate Filing Deadline

Utah   Friday, March 17
Montana   Thursday, March 23
Idaho   Friday, March 31
South Carolina   Friday, March 31
Tennessee   Thursday, April 6
West Virginia   Monday, April 10
Florida   Friday, May 5, 12:00 noon (federal)
Nevada   Monday, May 15
Maine   Thursday, June 1
Kansas   Monday, June 12
New Hampshire   Friday, June 16
South Dakota   Tuesday, June 20

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