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Dateline 3/8/2000

John Hagelin Wins Minnesota Reform Party Caucuses

In the Minnesota "Super Tuesday" Reform Party caucuses, John Hagelin finished first, defeating Pat Buchanan and all other declared Reform Party (now called the Independence Party) presidential contenders. The percentage of votes follows:

John Hagelin   57.5%
Pat Buchanan 25.6%
Robert Bowman 7%
Charles Collins 1.5%
Christina Rosetti 1.5%
Scott Kendall 1.5%
Lorenz Kraus 1.5%
George Weber 1%
Harvey Carroll 0%
Kenneth Dixon 0%

In California, while winning the Natural Law Party primary unchallenged, John Hagelin appears to have also defeated all other declared Reform Party candidates, including John Anderson, who had captured 7 million votes in his 1980 Independent presidential bid. (Reform Party candidate George Weber's vote totals are still in flux.)

In the Missouri primary, the only other contest in which Reform Party candidates competed on Super Tuesday, Buchanan polled 75 percent in the small turnout of less than 3,000 votes.

"We are pleased by our successes in two of the three states in which we competed. This builds upon our prior successes in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and other states, and puts us in an excellent position to win the Reform Party nomination," Hagelin said.

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