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Dateline 1/23/2000

John Hagelin Topples Pat Buchanan In Iowa/Minnesota Reform Party Upset!

In the Reform Party Iowa/Minnesota straw poll, John Hagelin finished first today in a surprise upset, ahead of party favorites Pat Buchanan and Donald Trump.

Hagelin said he would carry the news and momentum of his surprise Iowa victory—the first official Reform Party Presidential faceoff—across the country.

Hagelin received 63% of the vote, Bob Bowman 13.2%, Pat Buchanan 11%, and Donald Trump 0%.

Hagelin, who ran as the Presidential candidate for the Natural Law Party in 1992 and 1996 and is seeking the nomination again in 2000, recently announced his intention to "forge the largest coalition of third parties in U.S. history—a powerful coalition that can mount a credible challenge to our two-party duopoly."

Hagelin supporters from Minnesota and from his own home state of Iowa dominated the Reform Party caucus. Rival candidates flew in to compete in the straw poll, which took place one day prior to the Republican and Democratic caucuses that have been the focus of intense press scrutiny.

Hagelin to Carry Momentum of Victory Nationwide

"Buchanan, who has been the focus of national press coverage of the Reform Party, has only minority support with the right-wing factions of the Party. The idea of a huge coalition of America's third parties has much deeper support within the party than Buchanan. Today proves that I can defeat him easily, if the nominating process is truly open and democratic," Hagelin said.

Hagelin Brings Ballot Access, Support, Money to Reform Party

Hagelin is essentially assured of winning the Natural Law Party Presidential nomination in the 2000 race. The Natural Law Party is a fast-growing grassroots party fielding as many as 2000 candidates for federal, state, and local offices on the ballot in 50 states. With this organization behind him, Hagelin brings to such a third-party coalition key elements of support other Reform Party contenders do not.

  • Ballot access in 50 states. (This is no small achievement: Ross Perot spent $17 million to accomplish this in 1992, and none of the currently declared Reform Party candidates has the organization or money to achieve this.)
  • Millions of dollars in federal primary matching funds to run a dynamic, high-profile campaign.
  • The endorsement of 2000 dynamic NLP candidates for federal, state, and local offices on the ballot in all 50 states, who will work for his candidacy.
  • A broad-based, centrist platform of commonsense, proven solutions that can win the support of the 100 million eligible voters who did not vote in the last election -- including 89% of students—who have no connection to the Republican or Democratic parties, and who are looking for a reason to vote.

Third-Party Coalition a Perfect Match

Hagelin says the Reform and Natural Law parties are a perfect match. "As one of the architects of the Natural Law Party's comprehensive platform of scientifically proven solutions, I support the Reform Party's key stands on democratic reform (including campaign finance reform, and the elimination of PACs and soft money), on trade, on the national debt and fiscal responsibility, and on governmental integrity and accountability," he says.

"In addition, I bring the latest, most effective solutions in health care, education, crime prevention, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and the environment—the most complete platform of solutions ever put forward by a political party," Hagelin says.

For more information, please contact the Hagelin 2000 Iowa Office: 402 North B Street, Fairfield, Iowa 52556 • 1-888-608-5686.

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