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Dateline 11/25/99

Dr. John Hagelin To Seek Reform Party Nomination

In addition to his active candidacy for the Natural Law Party presidential nomination in 2000, Dr. John Hagelin has recently decided to challenge Pat Buchanan for the Reform Party nomination as well.

Last week, Dr. Hagelin announced his intention to "forge the largest, most powerful coalition of third party forces in U.S. history." The election laws of many states allow such a dual NLP - Reform Party candidacy, called "fusion." If Dr. Hagelin wins the nominations of both parties, he would unite a large and powerful coalition of voters that could effectively challenge the Republican and Democratic parties.

The Natural Law Party platform and the Reform Party platform have many ideas in common, including the following

  • Campaign finance and election reform to restore governmental accountability to the people
  • Elimination of government waste
  • Social Security reform
  • Creation of a new, simpler tax system
  • Inclusion of all qualified candidates in nationally televised debates
  • Focusing on solutions -- gathering the best ideas from all areas of society

The Natural Law Party enriches and expands upon the Reform Party platform by including effective, scientifically proven solutions in areas such as health care (emphasizing the prevention of disease and the promotion of health); clean, renewable energy and energy conservation; sustainable agriculture; prevention of drug abuse and crime; and foreign policy. The Natural Law Party also brings a crucial focus on education and the development of full human potential, a foundational issue that is especially crucial today as we plan for the next millennium.

The Natural Law Party enthusiastically supports Dr. Hagelin's efforts to seek the Reform Party nomination, which will help bring the NLP's programs and principles to the attention of many millions of Americans.

Background and Schedule

On October 12, Dr. Hagelin formally notified the Reform Party Presidential Nominations Committee of his candidacy, noting that he alone among all prospective Reform Party candidates had started working to obtain ballot access in states across the country.

On November 13, Dr. Hagelin spoke at the Reform Party Virginia State Convention, appearing with Pat Buchanan and other Reform Party presidential candidates. His presentation created great excitement and enthusiasm for his presidential bid among the Reform Party supporters gathered there.

On December 3, Dr. Hagelin is scheduled to appear at a Reform Party Presidential Candidate Forum in Portland, Oregon, to be held at the Marriott Hotel at 7:30 p.m. This forum is open to the public, so we encourage everyone in the Portland area to attend and to voice your support for Dr. Hagelin's candidacy.

Dr. Hagelin will participate in additional Reform Party state conventions and candidate forums around the country during his 2000 campaign. We will notify you about these events as soon as details become available.

Please join us in supporting Dr. Hagelin in this new phase of his campaign!

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