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Dateline 3/29/99



The Natural Law Party can change the course of U.S. political history in the next two years. Never before in this century have American voters been so open to the voice of third parties. The impeachment trial in Washington, with its bitter partisan maneuvering and in-fighting, has created a deep national distrust of both Republican and Democratic leadership. And as the 1998 elections proved, Americans are already willing to vote in large numbers for third party candidates. Why? Because Americans are searching for a party with deep principles and trustworthy candidates. The Natural Law Party is ideally positioned to fulfill that search and to assume the leadership of America's next administration. You can help us make 2000 the Year of Natural Law in government.

A Comprehensive Strategy for Success

Here are the seven building blocks of the Natural Law Party's year 2000 campaign.

1. New Leadership for a New Tomorrow. The Natural Law Party will run at least 1000 candidates for federal, state, and local offices on the ballot in all 50 states in the year 2000. We already have many strong, experienced candidates from the past four election cycles who are ready to run again--and to win. We are now actively recruiting other successful, creative men and women from every community to run for office. We intend to complete this candidate recruitment drive by the end of 1999 so that every candidate will have a full year to campaign and bring the Party's message to every level of society. If you are interested in becoming a candidate or know people who might be, please call us.

2. A Highly Efficient National Organization. We intend to establish the most effective possible communication among the local, state, and national levels of the Natural Law Party and to create maximum self-sufficiency on all levels. To do so, we are seeking 435 Natural Law Party congressional delegates (one from each U.S. congressional district) and 100 at-large delegates (two from each state) to compose the National Committee of the Natural Law Party. These delegates, who can also run as candidates, will meet together twice a year at the Party's National Conventions to discuss Party policy. They will also form the Natural Law Party executive committees in their individual states and, as electors, will be responsible for nominating our presidential candidate in the summer of 2000.

This structure will create effective, well-informed statewide organizations as well as a powerful national body to determine the direction of the Party for future elections.

3. A Strong Financial Foundation. Our goal is to raise $20 million for the entire 2000 campaign; the first step will be to raise $1.5 million for ballot access in all 50 states. These funds will allow us to complete ballot access for 34 states in 1999 and for the remaining 16 in early 2000. Robert Roth, author of the bestselling book "The Natural Law Party: A Reason to Vote," is helping to spearhead this fundraising effort. Nationally renowned speakers and other leaders who support the Party will be hosting joint public forums across the country with Natural Law Party leaders to help raise these much-needed funds.

4. Powerful New Candidate Training Materials. Every Natural Law Party candidate wants to be extremely well informed, and our new Candidate Training Course will help guarantee that. The course will feature inspiring, knowledge-packed taped presentations from experts in all areas of public policy; printed materials for distribution to the public and to the media; and practical guidelines for running a successful campaign. Dr. Mike Tompkins, the Party's vice-presidential candidate in 1992 and 1996, is developing these materials to ensure that all candidates will have the most up-to-date knowledge about U.S. policy issues for their campaigns.

The Natural Law Party website is also being redesigned to enhance candidate training and to provide new functionality and features to support our year 2000 campaign. The redesign will include a special site area where candidates can exchange ideas about campaign issues, as well as a platform page containing Party positions on late-breaking national and international events.

5. Creating Alliances with Leaders in Society. We especially want to work closely with leaders in society, encouraging them to run as candidates and to promote the Natural Law Party by opening doors to other leaders and organizations who have a natural alliance with the Party. Due to their success and position in society, these individuals often have the resources and public support to run high-profile, successful campaigns, creating enormous public support for the Natural Law Party.

6. Gaining Maximum Media Coverage. We have contracted with one of the top public relations firms in the country to help set up and publicize our candidates and campaign activities, giving us maximum radio, television, and print coverage at minimal cost. In this way the 2000 campaign can generate powerful, sustained public awareness to promote the Natural Law Party and our platform across the country.

7. Powerful Coalitions for Maximum Success. We are always pleased to receive enthusiastic endorsements from other national organizations who want to work with us. In 1999 and 2000, we will build even stronger coalitions with such organizations. In addition to co-sponsorship of public lectures, media events, publicity campaigns, and voter education, these coalitions will also mobilize voters to support our candidates and bring success in the 2000 elections.

Getting Out the Vote for 2000

Nearly 120 million eligible voters stayed home on election day in 1998--the highest number in U.S. history--with only 37% of eligible voters bothering to go to the polls. Winning candidates were therefore often elected by as little as 19% or 20% of the electorate. At the same time, independent and third party candidates received many more votes than in previous elections. In fact, third parties did so well that CNN recently broadcast a special one-hour "Talk Back Live" show with the leaders of America's three largest third parties, including Dr. John Hagelin of the Natural Law Party, focusing on what each candidate would do if elected to office. The host, Bobbi Batista, was open, respectful, and clearly keenly interested in the possibility of third party victory in 2000.

"It's clear that voters across America are ready, willing, and eager to support a significant change in the political direction of the country," says Kingsley Brooks, national Party chair. "Now is our time to act. Help us make 2000 the Year of Natural Law in America. Please support the Natural Law Party in every way you can."

You Can Make a Difference


Make 2000 the Year of Natural Law

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