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Dateline 3/29/99


More than 150 Natural Law Party leaders and supporters filled the elegant Hollis Taggart Galleries in Manhattan's upper east side last Tuesday night to hear NLP presidential candidate John Hagelin and bestselling authors Neale Donald Walsch and Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D., launch the Party's CAMPAIGN 2000 drive and begin raising the funds needed to put 2000 NLP candidates on the ballot in all 50 states.

Supporters paid $50 each to attend the gala 90-minute reception. Over 30 remained afterwards for a $500-a-plate private dinner with Dr. Hagelin, Mr. Walsch, and Dr. Bloomfield.

Dr. Bloomfield, author of several bestselling books on integrative psychiatry and natural medicine and who ran a high profile NLP campaign for governor of California in 1998, urged supporters "take a stand for all that is life- supporting for the country by standing up for natural law and running for office as candidates yourselves."

Neale Donald Walsch, whose "Conversations with God" trilogy has sold over three million books, said that he was drawn to publicly support the Natural Law Party because "this party alone can bring to fulfillment to the dreams all of us have for our own future and our children's future." Looking to Dr. Hagelin, Mr. Walsch smiled and said "Now we have a reason to vote!"

Dr. Hagelin discussed the Party's solutions to problems plaguing the nation and world, from environmental pollution and soaring health costs to domestic violence and warfare in Kosovo. "But ultimately the solution comes down to each of us--to each of us developing our own full human potential. Recent scientific breakthroughs reveal the truth--that we are, in fact, all one. But that truth has no practical meaning unless we provide educational methodologies that can develop in everyone the ability to comprehend this reality. Then and only then will we put an end to the legacy of war and suffering and ensure a healthy, peaceful, prosperous world for everyone."

Reflecting on the events of the evening, Gary Kaplan, M.D., Ph.D., a Long Island neurologist, said, "The evening was an historic breakthrough for the Party and for America, and John Hagelin was brilliant--profound, articulate, witty, compassionate, and direct. He will make a great president of this country."

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