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Dateline 6/26/98

The following press release was received today by media around the world:


Natural Law Party in Final Stage of Colorado Ballot Access Drive

July 1 is the deadline for third parties to collect 1,000 valid voter registrations to appear on the November ballot, and the Natural Law Party is nearing its goal. In the final days before the deadline, Natural Law Party supporters are collecting the registrations at shopping malls, sports events, and university campuses throughout the state.

The Colorado state legislature recently passed very progressive ballot access legislation that will enable independent and third party candidates fair and equal access to the political process, according to Robert Roth, a Natural Law Party national director and the author of the soon-to-be released book The Natural Law Party: A Reason to Vote--Breaking the Two-Party Stranglehold and Bringing Effective New Solutions to America's Problems (St. Martin=92s Press, September 1998, $23.95).

Roth says that the Natural Law Party of Colorado will give voters a viable choice to the special-interest driven policies offered by the two main parties and run a complete slate of candidates for the November ballot, including candidates for Governor, U.S. Senate, six U.S. Congressional seats, and many state and local offices.

The Natural Law Party is now the fastest growing new party in America, according to Roth. In 1996, the party ran 400 candidates on the ballot in 48 states, and Federal Election Commission qualified the Party presidential candidate, John Hagelin, a Harvard-trained quantum physicist, for $500,000 in in federal matching funds.

What is the new party's appeal?

Roth says it is a forward-looking, scientifically-based platform that calls for natural, preventive medicine in the health care system to improve health and reduce costs; renewable energy to protect the environment,sustainable agriculture to produce healthy food without hazardous chemicals, and educational programs that develop the creativity of students to boost falling test scores.

To register to vote, individuals should contact the County Clerk and Recorders Office in Aspen at 920-5180 or Glenwood Springs at 945-2377.

For more information on the Natural Law Party, please call 1-800-332-0000.

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