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April 5, 2004

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Natural Law Party,

We’re writing to thank you very much for your generous, ongoing support of the Natural Law Party. You and your fellow NLP contributors are the true heroes of prevention-oriented government in America. So many NLP principles and policies that were revolutionary at the Party’s founding in 1992 have now found their way into mainstream American politics—preventive health care, campaign finance reform, consciousness-based education, sustainable energy, organic agriculture, the safety of our food supply, and so much more. The success of these initiatives, and your continuing support for them, is a testimony to your vision of the future and your commitment to creating a better America.

We also need to inform you about a very important decision made on April 3 by the Natural Law Party Executive Committee. On our recommendation as Party Co-Chairs, the Executive Committee has voted to suspend the operations of our national NLP offices, effective on April 30, 2004. This decision has been reached after many months of discussion and exploration of alternatives, and we feel it is the right decision—especially since its impact on our state NLP affiliates will be minimal. However, we want to give you some background about this decision, as well as our vision of how Natural Law Party ideals and prevention-oriented solutions will extend into the future.

Since the 2000 election, as you know, the Natural Law Party has continued to work closely with government leaders and with like-minded organizations across the nation to advance the visibility of its programs. We have been very inspired as well by the dedicated efforts of our all state Natural Law Parties, especially in Ohio and California, to promote prevention-oriented government and to recruit and endorse strong candidates who support the Natural Law Party platform.

On the nonpolitical front, our NLP 2000 presidential candidate Dr. John Hagelin has continued his tireless work through his Institute of Science, Technology, and Public Policy to identify and promote scientifically proven solutions to the nation’s problems. As part of these efforts, he has recently founded a new organization dedicated to these ideals—the United States Peace Government. Composed of hundreds of the nation’s leading scientists, medical doctors, educators, and other experts—and including among its leadership many former candidates and supporters of the Natural Law Party—the US Peace Government is dedicated to creating permanent peace in the U.S. and the world. (For more information, please visit

On the surface level, the structure of the US Peace Government will mirror that of the existing US government, with a president and vice president, state governors and lieutenant governors, and city mayors who will ensure that proven peace-creating programs are implemented throughout the nation. On a deeper level, the US Peace Government will create a tangible effect of peace and coherence in the country by establishing peace-creating groups in all major cities. Therefore, we see the US Peace Government as carrying forward the work of the Natural Law Party and establishing all our ideals, our principles, and our programs on a higher and more widespread level.

Today’s political climate in America has shifted significantly since the 2000 election. Third parties, which have been cast as “spoilers” in the Bush-Gore race, now face greater challenges than ever before in gaining media coverage and public support—especially the significant funding needed for ballot access in all 50 states. Moreover, the 2004 election will clearly be completely dominated by the two major parties, as voters choose sides in a decision that will shape our nation’s future in unprecedented ways.

These practical issues, which led Dr. Hagelin to choose against seeking the NLP presidential nomination in 2004 and instead to accept the role of President of the US Peace Government, have also profoundly affected the national Natural Law Party in its national and its day-to-day operations. Given these ongoing challenges and the inspiring rise of the US Peace Government, the NLP Executive Committee has now decided to suspend the operations of the national party offices. Our state party affiliates will still remain open for business. But as of April 30, the NLP national headquarters will no longer be accepting donations from its many long-time supporters.

We would like to encourage you, and all contributors to the NLP whose dedication and generosity have profoundly reshaped politics in America, to continue your support of the Natural Law Party ideals and policies by shifting your contributions to the US Peace Government. Given Dr. Hagelin’s role as President of the Peace Government, and the dynamic participation of so many former Natural Law Party leaders and candidates in key US Peace Government roles, we feel extremely confident that the best experience and knowledge born of the NLP will continue to bear important fruit in creating prevention-oriented administration in America.

We invite you to join us in supporting Dr. John Hagelin and the US Peace Government in creating lasting peace on earth. To make a contribution to the US Peace Government, please click here. Thank you in advance for your continuing support.

We thank you from the depths of our hearts for everything you have done to support the Natural Law Party over the years, and we look forward to continuing to work with you through the US Peace Government in all the years ahead.

With all best wishes,

Kingsley and Leslie Brooks

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