September 14, 2004

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I just received this passionate appeal from Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who is fighting hard against adversaries on the far right to maintain his seat in Congress.

He has been, and continues to be, such a dynamic force for Peace. I hope you will consider helping him triumph against the forces of negativity that have risen up to challenge him. With our support, I truly believe he cannot help but succeed.

I also want you know that the NLP is making very successful overtures to the Democratic Party and the Kerry campaign in many states, starting in Ohio, to incorporate a US Department of Peace, including our own powerful, proven peace-promoting technologies, into their platforms. In exchange for this support for our core programs, these state NLP parties and NLP supporters are helping dynamically to “get out the vote” in November. I expect to meet with Senator Kerry shortly about this, and will have more to tell you once I do.

Thank you, and my very best wishes,

John Hagelin
2000 NLP Presidential Candidate

From Dennis Kucinich:

Dear NLP Supporter,

Now that my 2004 campaign for president has come to a conclusion, I must immediately turn my attention to retaining my seat in the US House of Representatives. You can help.

I have two opponents in the race for congress in Ohio’s 10th Congressional District, each unfortunately running highly negative campaigns, which attack me for my opposition to the war in Iraq. I believe the people of Cleveland will see through the negativity. But we must get our message out, now.

It was your generosity, in part, which enabled my voice to be heard in the presidential primary. Together we set a higher tone. We reminded Americans of our higher purpose. We affirmed the power of the human spirit to transform ourselves, our politics, our nation and the world.

I need your help now to ensure that I will be reelected to Congress. Your help will keep our message of hope alive in Washington, DC. Your help will enable me to continue to be a voice for peace and a new direction for America—the end of fear and the beginning of hope. I want to continue to be your voice for peace, for international cooperation, nuclear disarmament, for health care for all, for jobs, for fair trade, for civil liberties, and for the education of our children.

Our campaign has an immediate need for funds for media advertising, printed literature, mailings, telephoning and signs.

Please go to the contributions section of our campaign website at Any individual may contribute up to $2,000, couples up to $4,000. Please give what you can now. Please forward this email to everyone you know. Contributions by mail may be made to the Re-Elect Congressman Kucinich Committee, at 11730 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44111. If you would prefer to give by telephone, please call (216) 252-9000.

I know well that your generosity and national support made it possible for me to carry a message of peace and hope across America, through the primaries and caucuses and into the hearts of millions of Americans. Our work together has helped nine states—Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Iowa, Minnesota, Alaska, Hawaii, Texas and Michigan—to write support for a cabinet-level Department of Peace into their state Democratic Party platforms! The legendary news anchor, Walter Cronkite, recently wrote a nationally syndicated column supporting the creation of a Department of Peace. Support is growing. And the work continues.

Let’s continue to make a difference together. I will be forever grateful for your help. Your encouragement and your love gave me the strength to conduct a vigorous, hopeful, optimistic campaign for the presidency of the United States. I look forward to continuing to put my heart and soul into serving our nation as a member of the United State House of Representatives. Thank you for all your support.

Dennis J. Kucinich