September 22, 2003

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Two NLP Candidates Join the Race
for Governor of California


Two strong Natural Law Party candidates are running vigorous campaigns for Governor of California in the upcoming recall election. And both have based their campaigns on deep principles of governance and proven solutions to the issues facing California today.

Iris Adam of Southern California and Darin Price of Northern California both are urging voters to vote “no” on the recall election, since the recall showcases how partisan politics have made a mockery of our election process. As both candidates point out, even the two-year election season holds candidates hostage to a corrupt, money-driven system controlled by special interest funding from corporate sponsors. But the recall election has worsened this situation—and has sent California into even deeper financial turmoil.

Moreover, as both Natural Law candidates point out, changing one personality for another in the Governor’s office will not solve California’s economic or social problems. Only new, profound principles of government through Natural Law will effectively prevent problems and improve the destiny of the state. And none of the Republican or Democratic candidates have new principles to offer. Thus, Iris Adam and Darin Price have entered the race to give Californians an alternative—prevention-oriented administration and proven solutions based on deep principles of Natural Law.


Iris Adam is a business analyst in The Henry Samueli School of Engineering at the University of California at Irvine, an educator, and a development officer for Orange County children's charities. Her husband, Nat, is a civil engineer, and she has two daughters, one a UCLA graduate and the other enrolled at UC-Berkeley. A longtime Natural Law Party candidate, Iris ran for Governor of California in the 2002 election.

For information on the Iris Adam campaign, including platform positions, please visit


Darin Price is a chemistry teacher at Humboldt State University and has been an educator for the past 15 years at the high school and junior college, and university levels. He and his wife, Sandra, a licensed real estate broker, live in McKinleyville.

For information on the Darin Price campaign, including platform positions, please visit

We congratulate both our candidates for their dynamic campaigns, and we urge all California voters to support these Natural Law Party candidacies in every way possible.