July 12, 2003

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Dr. John Hagelin Launches U.S. Peace Government on July 4

Announces New, “Complementary” Government at an International Press Press Conference in Washington, D.C., on July 2

Peace Government to Create Harmony in America and Peace in the World

Dr. John Hagelin  

During an historic press conference on July 2 in Washington, D.C., Dr. John Hagelin, renowned quantum physicist and Natural Law Party 2000 presidential candidate, launched his new U.S. Peace Government to bring prevention-oriented, problem-free administration to America.

The U.S. Peace Government—a knowledge-based, complementary government—is composed of 400 of America’s top scientists, health professionals, educators, and other leading experts on the deepest principles of Natural Law, representing all 50 states. Over 100 Cabinet members and representatives packed the July 2 press conference, along with more than a dozen members of the Washington press corps, including reporters from the largest newspapers in the U.S., India, China, and Japan.

Dr. Hagelin was flanked at the news conference by 11 leading Cabinet-level representatives, whose comments are now posted on the new U.S. Peace Government website at www.USPeaceGovernment.org. (To read the statements, please click here; to see an online video of the press conference, please click here.)

Speakers’ panel prepares for the July 2 press conference

More Than a Gigantic Policy Think Tank

“The U.S. Peace Government is being founded today to prevent problems and violence in America, and to promote peace in the world,” Dr. Hagelin said at the press conference. “This complementary government will not compete with the existing government, which is largely concerned with crisis management. Instead, the U.S. Peace Government will implement scientifically proven programs to effectively prevent problems—in health care, education, defense, the economy, energy, agriculture, and the environment.

Dr. Hagelin addresses the Inaugural Convention of the
U.S. Peace Government

“The U.S. Peace Government is more than just a gigantic policy think tank,” Dr. Hagelin said. “More than merely advising government, it will directly implement proven, prevention-oriented solutions. These programs will be offered and administered through 100-200 Peace Palaces in major cities across the country. These will be centers for prevention-oriented health education and natural medicine; for consciousness-based education; for sustainable, organic agriculture; and for other prevention-oriented programs.”

The Rise of a Balancing Power in the Nation

Peace Palace
Bethesda, Maryland
Opened May 4, 2003

After the press conference, one of the most respected political writers in Washington said that the Peace Government represents the “rise of a balancing power in the nation” to counterbalance the “extremism, fundamentalism and fanaticism” of those in power in Washington now. He said the atmosphere in Washington has changed drastically with the arrival of George Bush as president and that there was now great fear in the city—that even reporters were under pressure from their editors and publishers not to report anything critical of the president. He said that the Peace Government would give a voice to the true “moral and spiritual foundations of America” and added that the July 2 launch gave him hope.

Inaugural Convention of the U.S. Peace Government

U.S. Peace Government representatives pack the Inaugural Convention

Two days after the Washington launch, Dr. Hagelin hosted the grand Inaugural Convention of the U.S. Peace Government, held on July 4 and 5 in Fairfield, Iowa. This convention was attended by nearly 300 cabinet members, representatives, and supporters, and included a full day of conferences on prevention-oriented health care; consciousness-based education; new programs in organic agriculture; and information about Peace Palaces. The Inaugural Convention proceedings will soon be posted at www.USPeaceGovernment.org.

Governing from the Level of Collective Consciousness

“The establishment of the U.S. Peace Government is, in part, to replace our corrupt, money-driven system, where elected leaders’ primary expertise is raising special interest money from corporate sponsors, with the principle of a ‘meritocracy’—rule by the competent,” Dr. Hagelin said. “But its primary purpose is to bring support of the deepest level of Natural Law and raise man-made government to be on a par with Nature’s Government, which administers the ever-expanding universe with perfect order.

Peace Government representatives discuss consciousness-based approaches to education

“In many respects, the U.S. Peace Government will be America’s primary government, because it will govern the nation from the crucial level of collective consciousness,” Dr. Hagelin said. “By establishing peace-creating groups across America, the U.S. Peace Government will defuse the acute societal stress that fuels violence, crime, drug abuse, and other life- and health-afflicting behaviors, thereby directly improving the health, wealth, and destiny of the country. Therefore, its impact will be profound and far reaching.”

Dr. Hagelin praised the U.S. Peace Government cabinet members for “demonstrating a strong commitment to the public good” and for their willingness to “utilize their deep knowledge and practical competence to lead society in a peaceful and evolutionary direction.”

“It is time to bring a scientific basis to government, and to enjoy prevention-oriented, problem-free administration,” Dr. Hagelin said.