June 26, 2003

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Wednesday, July 2, 10 AM
Hay-Adams Hotel Washington, D.C.

To be broadcast live globally via satellite and Internet webcast

U.S. News & World Report
June 23, 2003

“ Peace on Earth”

“John Hagelin, quantum physicist and presidential candidate of the Natural Law Party in 2000, will announce formation of a new “U.S. Peace Government” … The Peace Government, to be launched in D.C. on July 2, is intended to bring harmony to the nation.” —Washington Whispers, U.S. News & World Report, June 23, 2003


John Hagelin to Launch
New U.S. Peace Government

“Complementary” government to include 400 of the nation’s top medical doctors, business leaders, and university professors

Dr. John Hagelin
Dr. John Hagelin  

Dr. John Hagelin, renowned quantum physicist and Natural Law Party presidential candidate in 2000, will launch a new “U.S. Peace Government” in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, July 2, 10 a.m., at the Hay-Adams Hotel.

The historic launch comes on the 227th anniversary of the Continental Congress’s resolution for independence.

Dr. Hagelin will be joined at the news conference by Cabinet-level representatives of this second, “complementary” government, which will include 400 of America’s top medical doctors, business leaders, policy makers, and university professors.

Dr. Hagelin will also announce that over $100 million has been raised for U.S. Peace Government peace projects, including funds to establish a flagship campus for a new University of Peace. Funds are also being used to build, in the United States, 100 Peace Palaces in America’s largest 100 cities. Already, three $4 million Peace Palaces have opened in Bethesda, Maryland; Lexington, Kentucky; and Fairfield, Iowa.

Dr. Hagelin said that the U.S. Peace Government will not usurp the responsibilities of the existing government, which is primarily concerned with crisis management. Instead, the second government will promote scientifically proven programs to effectively prevent problems—in health care, education, defense, economy, energy, agriculture, and the environment.

“The U.S. Peace Government is more than just a gigantic policy think-tank, because it will directly implement proven programs for the prevention of problems and the promotion of peace in cities across America,” Dr. Hagelin said. “Moreover, the U.S. Peace Government will actually govern the country in the crucial area of national consciousness, by addressing and alleviating the acute social stress that fuels violence and conflict. By bringing the life of the people more into accord with Natural Law, the U.S. Peace Government will prevent crime, improve health, and thus elevate the destiny of the nation.

“Our Founders resolved to break the bonds of tyranny from Great Britain. Now, we resolve to break the bonds of tyranny from violence, terrorism, and war,” Dr. Hagelin said.

U.S. Peace Government’s Peace Palaces

One hundred U.S. Peace Palaces are being established to reduce crime and violence and promote coherence and harmony across America

  Peace Palace
Bethesda, Maryland
Inaugurated May 4, 2003
  Peace Palace
Lexington, Kentucky
Opened April 14, 2003
  Peace Palace
Fairfield, Iowa
Opened June 11, 2003