August 23, 2002

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On August 27, Alaskan voters will decide whether to adopt an electoral reform known as Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) for all state and federal offices, including the President and U.S. Senate (but not including the Governor).

IRV combines a regular election and a runoff election into a single election by allowing voters to indicate not only their first choice candidate but also (if they want) their second choice candidate, their third choice candidate, etc.—as many choices as they wish.

IRV thus allows voters to indicate their true preferences rather than succumbing to the "lesser of two evils" mentality that so often stops them from voting for third party candidates. Under IRV, the ultimate outcome of every race will much more accurately reflect the will of the people.

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IRV initiatives have already passed in San Francisco for all local offices and in 53 of 56 Vermont towns. IRV has also been considered by 13 state legislatures, especially since it eliminates the extra costs of separate runoff elections. What makes the Alaska initiative (Ballot Measure 1) so crucial is that it would make Alaska the first state to adopt IRV for nearly all state and federal elections, including the vote for president in Alaska in 2004.

Ballot Measure 1 is definitely winnable, but it faces strong opposition from Democratic Party and certain other groups. If Ballot Measure 1 passes, however, it will greatly increase visibility for Natural Law Party candidates and NLP-endorsed candidates, promoting increased media coverage and likely inclusion in debates.

Please help support Alaska's Ballot Measure 1. To learn more about the IRV campaign in Alaska, to volunteer, or to make a financial contribution, please visit the official campaign website at

You may also contact

Alaskans for Voters Rights
P.O. Box 93588
Anchorage, AK 99509-3588.
907-569-4IRV (4478)

Also, if you have friends or family in Alaska, please contact them and urge them to vote in the primary and to vote YES on Ballot Measure 1.

Thank you in advance for your support.