April 29, 2002

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Six California Candidates Run for Statewide Offices, Work to Safeguard NLP Ballot Access

Six strong candidates have taken up the Natural Law Party banner and are running vigorous campaigns for statewide offices in the 2002 general election in California.

Judy Barath Black, Chair of the Natural Law Party of California, comments, “We have a fabulous group of candidates here in California. They are all very dynamic, intelligent, articulate representatives of the Natural Law Party and its principles. 

“As an added bonus,” she says, “if even one of our candidates for statewide office receives 2% or more of the total votes cast in his or her race, the Natural Law Party will secure automatic ballot access for the 2004 presidential election.

“Ballot access is critical in order to assure strong, visible campaigns like these. Now more than ever, voters need to hear the Natural Law Party's message of prevention-oriented solutions. People get so excited and inspired—especially the students—when they find out about governing from the level of natural law. Californians see the Natural Law Party as a great success story. We want to keep every avenue open so that we can respond quickly to all the opportunities for expansion the future may bring.”

Please support our wonderful California statewide candidates in every way you can.



Iris Adam is a business analyst in The Henry Samueli School of Engineering at the University of California, Irvine, an educator, and a development officer for Orange County children's charities.  Her husband, Nat, is a civil engineer, and her two daughters attend Cal and UCLA.
Iris Adam
P.O. Box 5065
Irvine, CA 92616

Iris says, “It’s time to end ‘politics as usual.’  My experience as a business analyst has taught me that good government means prevention, not crisis management.  Because I accept no special interest money, I represent the voters, freeing me to implement innovative, forward-looking programs that can solve critical problems, ensure a strong economy, and improve the quality of life for everyone.  As Governor I will support alternative energy sources to achieve energy independence; excellence in all our schools; prevention-based health care; sustainable agriculture; and labeling and safety testing of genetically engineered food. The most creative state deserves the most creative leadership.”

Lieutenant Governor

Kalee Pryzbylak, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, is Vice-President of Corporate Relations for The Art Collection and Program Director for Project Drug-Free Children.
Kalee Pryzbylak

Kaylee says, “It’s been said that leaders of Native American cultures make their decisions based on how it will affect the next seven generations. As Lieutenant Governor of California, I will strongly support programs that encourage social responsibility and community involvement. An activist and grassroots organizer for over fifteen years, I have experienced firsthand the power of leadership unselfishly united in a cause. I will work towards establishing a government devoted to serving the real needs of California citizens, as intended by the authors of our Constitution, not just special interest groups. I endorse alternative energy, environmental protection, and innovative learning.”

Secretary of State

Louise Marie Allison is former chair of the Natural Law Party of California and an experienced educator, administrator, and organizer.
Louise Marie Allison
260 West 12th St.
Claremont, CA 91711

Louise says, “There is nothing more fundamental to freedom than ensuring elections be administered fairly, accurately, and without bias. My priority is to create long-overdue election/campaign reforms to guarantee every candidate's voice is heard and every vote counts. This includes: implementing by January 2004 the most accurate, up-to-date voting equipment in all communities; mandatory election holidays; elimination of special interest/PAC campaign contributions; equal media access for all candidates on the ballot; shifting toward public sponsorship of campaigns; and proportional representation. As a true civil servant, not a career politician, I will openly and equitably serve all the citizens California.”


J. Carlos Aguirre is a long-time California businessman and entrepreneur.
J. Carlos Aguirre

Carlos says, “As Vice President/Co-Founder of an extremely successful business, I have extensive experience in all facets of managing money, accounting, and investing. As Controller-chief financial officer of the state and watchdog of hard earned tax dollars-I will use my experience to uncover financial fraud, hold government accountable by auditing state agencies, and cut wasteful spending, resulting in savings that can be invested in education, infrastructure, and public safety. I am a native Californian, Viet Nam Veteran, and successful entrepeneur who understands the importance of honest government and is deeply committed to working for and representing every California citizen.”


Sylvia Valentine is Executive Administrator at Somagenics.
Sylvia Valentine
P.O. Box 2612
Santa Cruz, CA 95063

Sylvia says, “The Treasurer's responsibility is to invest the taxpayers’ money (your money) safely and wisely. My experience as an administrator with non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses, has given me insight and knowledge about investing in a positive, socially conscious manner, while still maximizing return. I will make intelligent, careful, forward-looking decisions today, with an eye toward tomorrow. My first choice will always be to invest our state money in ourselves and our communities. I will keep the economy growing and strong, while making life-supporting investments that will provide jobs and secure our future and that of our children.”

Insurance Commissioner

Raúl Calderón, Ph.D., is a researcher and administrator in public and social health at Stanford University. He holds a Ph.D. in Health Psychology, an MS in Psychology, an MA in Curriculum Development, and a Teachers Certificate, and has conducted health research in minority communities.
Raúl Calderón, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 16854
Stanford, CA 94309

Raúl says, “If elected, I will be an expert Insurance Commissioner who can honestly and fairly supervise and regulate the insurance business. I will work for the citizens of California, not large insurance companies, accepting no special interest (PAC) money during my campaign. My community-based work as an administrator/researcher in health psychology has shown me that quality health care, emphasizing prevention, would improve health and cut costs, thereby lowering insurance rates. Insurance provides a vital safety-net, our last line of protection when disaster hits. Earthquake, automobile, liability, health, and home insurance should be affordable and available to everyone.”