February 22, 2002

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Clyde Cleveland Challenges Iowa Biotech

“If Cleveland can get his name and program across to the voters, he could have a decent chance of slipping past the radar and finding himself in the Governor’s Mansion.... he already has a cross-endorsement from the Natural Law Party, and is seeking similar support from the Greens as well.”
— Steve Trinward,
Contributing Editor of the Rational Review

“Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Clyde Cleveland Is Smart and Polished. And He Has a Fighting Chance…. If he can get his name and ideas to the public, Cleveland could sneak, Ventura-like, into the governor’s office.”
— Jeff Ignatius,
River City Reader, Davenport Iowa

Clyde Cleveland, Libertarian candidate for Governor of Iowa who has been strongly endorsed by the Natural Law Party, has vowed to make the proliferation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) a central issue in his campaign.

“This is a very important issue that deserves everyone’s attention,” Cleveland said. “Genetically modified organisms pose a serious threat to the safety of the world food supply, and the biotech industry is trying to corner world food markets. This is a freedom issue as well as a health issue. Clearly, this threat must be addressed NOW.”

As Cleveland points out, Tom Vilsack, Iowa’s current governor, was recently named Governor of the Year by the Biotechnology Industry Organization due to his support both for the industry’s growth and for continued agricultural biotech research. The BIO praised Vilsack for creating the Governors’ Biotechnology Partnership, a bipartisan coalition of governors aimed at spreading biotechnology information. The group started with 13 members but now includes more than half the nation’s governors.

“Imagine the impact of the current Governor of Iowa contacting the governor of your state and convincing him or her to promote GMOs in your area,” Cleveland says. “Because of this issue, my race for Governor of Iowa will directly affect every citizen and family in America.”

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This election can pave the way for significant reform in this country. Please support the Cleveland for Governor campaign in every way you can.

Cleveland, who will likely be the only candidate in any major election to address the GMO issue, is rallying the Greens, Libertarians, Reformers, and Independents together in Iowa for a concerted assault on this issue. He will continue to speak out, as he did on November 5 on the largest talk radio show in Iowa, about the fraudulent approval of genetically engineered foods by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“The biotechnology industry is like a runaway train in this country,” Cleveland says. “We need to get the word out here about the hazards of GMOs, as has been done in Europe and Japan. This is the solution. When people know the truth, the market for genetically engineered food disappears. I intend to turn this situation around. If stopping the spread of GMOs is important to you, please help support my campaign now. Our children and grandchildren will be glad you did.”