February 20, 2002

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Hagelin, NLP Support Oregon Initiative to Label GE Food

John Hagelin and the Natural Law Party are giving strong support to the Oregon initiative campaign to label genetically engineered foods.

Getting this initiative on the 2002 Oregon ballot will greatly strengthen the momentum toward responsible federal regulation of genetically engineered food. We encourage you and your organization, business, or other group to give this initiative your support. To find out more, please visit


This ballot initiative is being spearheaded by Oregon Concerned Citizens for Safe Foods. The campaign was inspired by the draft Congressional legislation co-authored by John Hagelin and presented by him in Washington, D.C., at the July 1999 Summit on Genetic Engineering organized by Mothers for Natural Law. We are very excited to learn that such important legislation concerning genetically engineered foods is now being taken directly to Oregon voters.

“I offer my deepest gratitude and appreciation to chief petitioners Donna Harris and Kate Lord and their extraordinary campaign team. Their courage, conviction, and persistence are an inspiration to us all,” Dr. Hagelin said.

“I encourage all supporters of the Natural Law Party and advocates for safe food to support this initiative campaign in every way possible. Our self-governing power is eroding faster than we can imagine. We must reassert control directly through such ballot measures and reign in our runaway government, currently in the grip of special interests.”

As of February 12, Oregon citizens have already collected over 40,000 of the 85,000 signatures needed to put this initiative on the 2002 ballot. April is the target for submitting all the signatures. Every volunteer signature ultimately saves the campaign about $1.25.

Individuals, couples, and businesses in Oregon are eligible to receive a political tax credit for contributions to the campaign. Ballot initiatives are usually not subject to the same limitations as political candidate campaigns with reference to the amounts and sources of financial contributions and volunteer support. Even churches and nonprofit organizations can potentially participate.

Citizen-sponsored ballot initiatives like these need tremendous grassroots support. Please give the Oregon initiative to label genetically engineered foods whatever support you can to help it succeed in the 2002 election.

For more information or to order signature sheets, please call 503-892-2888.