December 23, 2001

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Dear Friend of the Natural Law Party,

I’m writing to send you my warmest wishes for your happiness, peace, and prosperity in this holiday season, and to update you about exciting new developments that will help further many of the Natural Law Party’s cherished goals for our nation and the world.

Since the 2000 election, I have returned to my role as Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy, a nonprofit educational organization that functions in a nonpartisan way — outside the constraints of politics — to effectively move national policy in a positive and sustainable direction. I founded the Institute in November 1992 as a research think tank that could help inform and support my public policy activities in Washington, DC. I invite you to find out more by visiting the Institute’s website at

Here are just a few important initiatives that are currently under way:

Peace. The Natural Law Party’s commitment to effective, prevention-oriented government has become more crucial and timely than ever in the aftermath of the September 11 tragedy. Since that time, I have been back in Washington, DC promoting a peaceful, scientifically proven approach that can prevent terrorism without loss of life. The response from leaders of Congress, the White House, the National Security Council, the State Department, and the Pentagon has been very positive. For a full report, please visit

Agriculture. My Institute will be hosting a series of conferences on organic agriculture beginning in Spring of 2002. These conferences will focus on the creation, assessment, promotion, and implementation of new agricultural technologies that are effective, sustainable, and economically viable and that can offset the threats to our food supply from chemical-based agriculture and from genetic engineering. For more information, please see

Education. My Brain Research Institute continues its seminal research to examine how neurophysiological and psychological balance can be restored and brain functioning enhanced in at-risk youth. Find out more at

The Natural Law Party, of course, continues its vitally important political work of spreading the message of prevention, building coalitions with like-minded parties and leaders, and endorsing candidates who embrace the Party’s platform. Your support for the Party — past, present, and future — is vitally important and deeply appreciated.

As you know, I have championed the Natural Law Party’s prevention-oriented approach through three Presidential campaigns. These campaigns have led to significant breakthroughs, including the Congressional Prevention Coalition, the first bipartisan, bicameral Congressional caucus, which is dedicated to proven, prevention-oriented solutions; and Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s landmark proposal to create a U.S. Department of Peace. Such public initiatives are essential to America’s future, and I will continue to fight for them.

I send you my deepest appreciation for all your support across these many years of working together, and for your commitment to the highest ideals of human life — life in accord with natural law and a world united in peace, prosperity, and fulfillment.

With all best wishes,

John Hagelin